new scrapping kit  

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i've downloaded this new kit from shabbyprincess and look what i've got. it's just unfortunate there is no single pic of my twins during this wedding where they are together...

the pictures were taking from iris' wedding last february. i can't take much picture lately because my old digicam seems to be broken already. i coordinated the event that is why i was very busy with the entire preparation and i wasn't able to take pictures of my daughters. plus, elysia fell asleep in the church and she was not in any picture during the ceremony...sheesh.

i'm checking my friends' site and most of them already use a DLSR. this is becoming really popular nowadays, huh! let's see if we'll be able to get one =)


piece-a-cake pages  

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when i can't seem to think what element or pages i should use, the piece-a-cake pages of shabby princess is really helpful. see what i got here:

there are a couple other pages i've downloaded. will try some of them in the next few days and will have it posted here..*wink wink*


scrapbooking is fun  

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the title says it all...yes, this is really fun. actually, i've created another scrap. the picture were taken way back when the kids are still 11 months old. this was the picture they used for their birthday party tarpaulin which was take by ninong abner of andre photography

this was the tarpaulin used during their birthday, nice layout by ninang faye.


my very first digiscrap  

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lookie lookie! here's my very first digiscrap ever, yipee!!! in the picture are my two little darling daughters. just caught them playing and they posed for a picture already. i'll be doing more of this. i still haven't used the kits i've downloaded. i used this one instead:

more of digital scrapbooking next time. i'm also still learning how to use Photoshop. quite a tough job for a starter, huh!


learning to digiscrap  

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do you love to scrap but worried about the expenses? yeah, scrapping is a very satisfying hobby but quite expensive too!

then, worry no more. thanks to the introduction of digital scrapbooking, one can already do digiscraps without spending too much and sometimes, it comes for free too! there are already sites that offer free downloadable themes, papers, accessories and elements for your scrapping. found one through my friend.
thea referred me to shabbyprincess. i checked and there are a lot of freebies in here. i've downloaded some so i can start with my kids baby they are:

watch out for my scraps next time...and hope you'll leave your comments, too!


job promotion  

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what is nice about the fiscal year ending? well, it is also the time when performances are being reviewed, rates evaluated and yes, chances for promotion!

competition is tight in all companies when it comes to performance assessment and i would say ours is a very tight environment - you have a lot of peers from whom your assessment will be reviewed and compare. and even if you have performed, it may not be enough. there might be a lot of factors to be considered. that's what makes it more difficult.

this day is the day when i officially got promoted to the next level. and it's not just me, hubby got promoted as well. 2008 is really our year. opportunities are coming, we had an increase in our salary and benefits were improved as well.

it will be nice to work from now on....