A Photo Book  

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Ever since I started learning about digital scrapbooking a couple of months ago, I've been wanting to personally make a digital photo book for the twins. Since I am just a beginner, I can't seem to satisfy myself with all the designs that I have created. After each layout, it seems not good and I am not happy with it.

Thankfully, Shabby Princess have piece-a-cake and album layouts which eventually made my scrapbooking experience a bit easier. I can already make a photo book even if I am just starting. And the results....

Scieszka Raine

Elysia Raine

I don't know why the picture turned out a bit blurred but nevertheless, you can still see the layout. Once done, I will already have an album for my kids...First time? Yes, I haven't even compiled their pictures yet. Terrible me...

Promise, when I can already accept my own creations, I will scrap more. ^_^

In The Groove Album by Shabby Princess

Pending Tags & Awards  

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I still have a couple of tags and awards pending for posting. And since I was out for almost a week, I was unable to post them. But here they are now - 2 tags and an award. My sincerest apologies for posting this...a bit late ^_^

First was the Honest Scrap tag from Jan of Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong. Thank you Jan for your frequent visits and comments which I really do appreciate.

Rules for Posting the Honest Scrap Tag
  1. Write a post about this tag and include the name (URL link) of the person(s) who passed this tag.
  2. Write also 10 HONEST things about yourself.
  3. Pass this tag to 7 friends/bloggers and leave comments on their blogs informing about this tag.
Now, for the 10 Honest Things About Myself:
  1. I hate losing. Whether it is a debate, a game, an argument or even school competitions, I always hate to lose. This gives me the tendency to strive hard so I can win but it even gets me more disappointed if I have tried my best and still lost.
  2. My profile picture was taken in 2004, a couple of months before I got married. I still look very much like it but I have gained weight. Well, sorry but that was the best picture I can ever produce for my profile. hehe.
  3. I hate worms and caterpillars. I don't know but I hate those creepy crawlers. I can very well struggle to run after the cockroaches with my slippers though.
  4. I can't ride a bike. The first time I tried and I got hurt, it never gave me the courage to ride on it again.
  5. I love cooking - even if hubby doesn't like what I cook! Sure he doesn't!
  6. I don't trust people so easily. Honestly, I don't gain friends that easy but once one became my friend, he/she will become my treasure.
  7. When I was a kid, my father tested me by throwing cash, gifts and mangoes on the floor, I took the mangoes instead! And I still love them until now.
  8. I love make-up BUT I can do without lipstick. Yes, even if I have prepared and made up my face with eye shadows, liners, blush on and powder - I still won't put on a lipstick. I just hate being cautious of my lips because I have lipstick on.
  9. I love bags but I don't buy them. I just love seeing them in the stores but I don't want to splurge much on them so I am still sticking with my 2-year old bag, whatever my attire is. Believe it or not.
  10. I love surprises! But as much as I love them, I only remember receiving 1 surprise. Hahaha!
I am now passing this on to umma, cecile, chubskulit, amy, eric, jed, shasha

Next is the Birthday Wish tag from Bingkee of I Love/Hate America. She's been very nice with me ever since I started blogging. Thank you Bingkee for tagging me. My was last November but here are my wishes:

My 10 Birthday Wishes:

  1. Our own house - which I just got!
  2. An Iphone - yes, I want one too, Bingkee but it is still expensive (at least for me)
  3. A car - we don't own one yet.
  4. 1M budget for house renovation - is it too big?
  5. New set of furnitures
  6. New set of kitchenwares, tools, etc.
  7. A new PC
  8. A salary increase!
  9. More bonus from the company
  10. I more than wish for my kids to stay healthy and witty.

Last for today, is the Best Mom Award from Rose of Obstacles and Glories. Thank you, Rose. Really appreciate this award but for now, I will keep it for myself...will share it (probably on Mother's Day!)

That is all for now, I still have to head off to work after lunch.

The Family Stayed Together...in the Hospital  

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Have you been wondering why I haven't been posting lately? Not that I am very busy with work or other activities. It is probably the time of the year again when almost all members of the household got sick. Yes, my family (including myself) was sick since last week.

When I got home, Friday of last week, hubby already has fever. I immediately gave him paracetamol for next day will be the day before our town's fiesta and there will be a parade. He's actually been waiting for that event since he got his DSLR because he wants to practice. And the parade will be a good opportunity.

The following day arrived, he is still sick, having chills and fever but he managed to go with us to my in-laws to watch the parade ( we have a nice view from there). The parade started a bit late so he was getting tired. He slept for a bit and then when it started, he watched and was able to take a couple of pictures. To make the event worse, it rained and yes, some of the bands were not able to perform. But to our surprise, the rain did not stop the parade. The children and other performers were already wet but they are still marching. I was already worried that the children will get sick.

Hubby was not able to watch it fully even after the rain stopped. He was already not feeling very well. And so I asked him that we should go to the hospital so he can be checked. After a couple of hours of observation in ER, he was admitted since his fever is not subsiding despite the paracetamols and the hydration. It was systemic infection. He had upper respiratory tract infection with rhinitis and folicular pharyngitis.

A day after, I went home to pick up my kids. My mom is also not feeling well (she's got diabetes and high cholesterol level). And I don't want her to get tired of taking care of the kids. I immediately noticed my daughter, Scieszka, has a slight fever but I disregard it. I thought maybe it was probably because I stayed in an air-conditioned facility overnight. At around 3Am, with both daughters sleeping beside me in the sofa bed, I noticed Scieszka is already very hot. When day breaks, I immediately brought her to ER where she was given paracetamol but was released since it was only her first day of fever. Evening came and with paracetamol, her fever is persistent. I rushed her back to ER and her fever was already 38.6 degrees. She was again given paracetamol and temperature was checked after 15minutes but it shoot to 40.4 degrees. I got even more worried, sent a message to my mom and asked if she can get someone to help me in the hospital since Elysia is with his dad (who can't easily move with his dextrose). My mom came with my sister-in-law. Elysia was already asleep but Scieszka is still struggling from her fever. She even tells me "Mom, I am crying." She was given a sponge bath a couple of times and was observed in ER for a couple more hours. When her fever subsided, she was again released.

I asked my mom and sister-in-law to go home. We went up to her dad's room and sleep. The following day, their dad was advised to go home. But both my daughters are already sick. Both now have fever, colds and cough. I brought them to their neo-natologist before going home. They were given antibiotics. Elysia recovered from her fever easily because of the antibiotics but Scieszka only recovered last Thursday. Friday came and I am ready to go back to work. Yep, I was out on family emergency for 4 days...2 days of which I am working from home. I thought I was strong and I won't be affected. But since, what hit them was a viral infection, it hit me on a Friday. But not that much. I immediately took note that my colds might progress to post nasal drip which can cause infection to my throat which will immediately result to flu (I had a couple of experience and I learned from it). So I took my "virlix" and "neozep". Voila, the colds are gone but body malaise is still here. I can still feel muscle pains and I am feeling very tired.

My boss then sent me a message, "an ounce of prevention is far more better than a pound of cure, when you are all well, look into it". And I realized, hadn't I waited for the cheaper flu vaccine from the company, we wouldn't be sick like this and I won't have to spend more than 7thousand pesos worth of medicines for all of us!

When all is well, I will immediately set aside budget for the flu vaccine!

Lesson learned.

Friends and Recession  

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Today, another friend needs to leave. She is not resigning neither had she found another job for herself. She was one of those unfortunate people who were affected by the global economy crisis resulting to recession in most companies. And today, is her last day in our company.

She is not bitter about leaving for she perfectly understands the situation and her place in the company. But we have to admit, we are all saddened by the fact that another friend will have to leave...again. And what makes it more sad for me? I will not be there to send her off. For I am at home now taking care of the kids who still have fever and cough and my hubby who just got out from the hospital. I won't be able to see her on her last day in the office. *sob sob*

Last year, when the global economy news spread around the world, everyone was shocked and all hoped that they could all survive it without losing their job. The ones who were immediately affected were those on contractual jobs. In many companies, they were immediately released and they immediately lost jobs. Though we are permanent employees already, we can never be sure of what is bound to happen and we should all expect for the worst and be prepared. Acceptance is also necessary, so to speak.
During the time when all of us need not worry about our positions in the company, we were a bit relaxed. Everyone has very low engagement with their own companies. Almost everyone seemed to continuously look for a greener pasteur. But when 2009 came, slowly, one company after the other announced recession and others, completely closed down. Several thousands of employees lost their jobs. Even permanent employees were affected by redundancy.
Will we be OK? I've heard in a news that the economy will be able to recover in mid 2010. But my friend said, will waiting for 2010 be any better than praying NOW? I was taken aback, and realized that probably, we are forgetting something....something very important.
Though we've lost a number of friends because of this crisis, this surely brought us a lot of lessons, too. Each of us have their own experience on this and we all have lessons we learned. We are all hoping this crisis will soon come to an end and more importantly, we have all learned to value the present. What we have now is more important than what we can still have in the future. I am not saying we shouldn't be futuristic, it's just that we shouldn't focus on the future too much that we are neglecting the present. What we are and who we are now...are also important.

Tinee's Bridal Shower Party  

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I am getting so forgetful. I have totally forgotten to blog about Tinee's shower! Friend, here it is now, I am very sorry for the long delay.

Actually, the shower was held last November, a couple of days before their Big day. That day became more like a reunion for all of us. The bride, was our good friend and officemate before she left for Singapore to pursue her career. It was sad she left the company but we were very happy for her because she'll be able to fulfill her dreams. She is now successfully working and presently living in Singapore. That is why, this became more like a gathering than a shower.

bride (in the middle) with us, her friends

The party was hosted by the bride's best friend and maid of honor. Well, I can't go into the detail of what happpened during the night but we surely all had fun! Drinks, food and party games are all over the venue.

When we are about to give the bride some tips and advice about married life, parenting and the like - we all suddenly became serious. For all we know, getting married is not simple and we all have to be prepared for it.

We also prepared some nice gifts for the bride. Other guests gave her books and mementos. Well, we've prepared a sexy lingerie for her! She's not getting any younger and we hope for her to have kids soon!

To my good friend, congratulations to you. I have posted about your wedding already but the shower party was delayed. Well, it is still always better late than never, right?

Work and Rest - How?  

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Why am I not around for a couple of days?

Work it is! Yes, I was tied up with work over the last few days and I can no longer stay up very late to blog and blog hop. I am very very tired. I can't sleep properly and whenever I wake up, I already feel tired. There are times when I have to wake up in the middle of sleep to attend a call. Sometimes, even as I was just about to take a bath in the morning, my phone will ring and there is work. While riding a cab to work, phone will ring and then, I have to work even on my way to the office. Quite tiring? I will be a hypocrite if I say it's not. Truth is, I am already very very tired.

But ain't I still lucky I have work? Definitely I am. For there have been a couple of recessions from other companies and a lot of moms like me have lost their jobs. I should be thankful I still have work.
But I am, yes, I am thankful...It's just...I am tired and I feel exhausted and I just want a break.
Maybe a 1month vacation? It's nice but I thought tmy project won't allow it. Sheeesh! I am on a one-man team, you know! Believe it....or not.

Top 10 EC Droppers for January 2009  

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I thought I'd wait for tomorrow before I post this but I think I have to do it now. I don't want to ever forget thanking the people who have made it to the Top 10 EC droppers last month.

  1. I Love/Hate America - hey bingkee, i thought i'd only see your link in my blog for awards but i was wrong...once again, you've made it to the top 10 and again you're my number 1 EC dropper! a very very serious dropper i should say and a good friend too! thanks for always being there. ^_^ (though it's only online)
  2. Mumsy - was also on my top 10 last month. her blog is about parenting and most of the time, the adventures of her son, jason whom she nicknamed hamster.
  3. Your Parenting Info - a blog of a father about parenting. the articles are good and i can really say i've learned a lot from his posts.
  4. Forced Green - i've known the blog from adgitize and now, he's been in my top 10 again. this blog is all about nature and i hope he'll continue to be dropping ECs as always.
  5. Redhead Ranting - i've also known the blog from adgitize and i have been reading her rants. she's got nice articles.
  6. Orient Lodge - also from adgitize, aldon has been writing about almost everything...education, technology and more.
  7. Raging Rev - dragon blogger first commented on my page rank rant post and i have been regularly dropping on his site too. his blog is a story of a christian turned atheist.
  8. Multi Schemes for Income - a site about making money online, time saving, saving money and all other things.
  9. Mara's Personal Bubble - a fellow pinay blogger. young and pretty and is very eager to find a good job soon. and serious about blogging too!
  10. Doing Business - this blog i discovered on Entrecard dealing with ways to do business online and earn.
Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and i hope you will come often. Feel free to leave your comments too!

The Value of Teaching Children How to Save  

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When I was young, I actually get what I want. Not that I am a spoiled brat but being away from my parents and living with my grandparents made my them think that their absence can be substituted by a fairly good allowance (though it was not given directly to me but to my grandma). I never had the chance to learn how to save for I know very well that whenever I need money, I can get it. And I grew up thinking that I can always have money whenever I want. That became my worst attitude.

As a mom, I have to set financial priorities at home and I have make sure that we don't just live from paycheck to paycheck. However, even after reading tons of books, magazines and online reading materials pertaining to budgeting, saving and money matters at home, I still find it difficult to budget everything. I tried a couple of tips and advices, sometimes it works and sometimes not. I don't know if I am just not good about it or probably, something is wrong with me. Until I have finally decided, I have to fight myself and learn from my mistakes so that it won't happen again. My husband and I both did that and slowly we are learning. Less expenses over the last couple of months have greatly contributed to my goal. I still have a long way to go but you know, there is something I realized. That is, parents should also teach their children the value of money and how to save money for the future. And another decision was made, the twins should learn about money matters!

My kids, just so you know, stays with my parents while we are at work and my mom, being a natural spender would always buy anything for the kids (especially when they cry so they will stop). Being the first grandchildren and being born prematurely have aggravated the situation. When I came to notice, my children were normally allowed to get money from the cash bin in our bakery (the one owned by my mom) and would always buy stuffs on another store. They will also ask for money to buy toys which they will only play for a few minutes and then -- gone, destroyed. These amounts - though small will surely influence my children and they will have the impression that money can grow on trees. And I don't want that to happen. I immediately talked to my mom and she accepted that it was a mistake for she knows my struggle very well.

The following day, I bought my kids a piggy bank which they named "Piglet". They were so excited and thought it was a toy. I explained that it was where they will keep their money. We also stressed that money is not just for buying stuffs but for saving as well. My husband and I agreed that we will give them 5-peso and 10-peso coins every day for them to put inside Piglet. After a month, the kids changed their perception on 5-peso and 10-peso coins. They now call it "money for Piglet" and there were only a few occurrences of them wanting to buy plastic balloons, toy guns, live chicks, live fish and a lot more. They have understand the first lesson - "Buy the toy for 5-pesos, lose the money and nothing for Piglet OR play with all the toys they got and give the coin to Piglet". They actually loved putting in coins into Piglet!

Effective? I'd say, yes!

Teaching children how to save money will surely help them to have financial literacy in the future. In fact, according to financial experts, it is never too early to teach them how to save money but if you don't act early, it could be too late.

My experience is one thing I don't want my children to have. So as soon as I realized, I did not procrastinate, instead, I immediately took note and acted on the situation before it gets worst.

Do You Shop 'Til You Drop?  

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Done with my endoscopy today and here I am, blogging as always. Because good news is...I don't need to stay in the hospital, yey!

While I was at home for the last couple of days trying to recover from my tummy tantrums (hahaha!), I happened to finished reading the book "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. I've actually heard about it a couple of years ago but I only had the chance to read it this month. It was really fun and hilarious! I just can't help wondering if it would be so nice to live in London and be up to date with the latest fashion. Hmmm...

As a woman, we always want to look good and most of us would always cram inside the mall whenever there is a sale. While checking on some site, I came across this online UK clothes shop. One of the fastest growing UK online clothing store, Divine Trash offers some of the very best high fashion brands.

I've checked the site myself and there are a couple of nice women's tops and long shits that are really tempting. They've even got a men's line. They've got some nice shirts by Fenchurch. They even have jackets and shirts by French Connection, jeans by Jack and Jones and Fly 53 clothing.

Anyway, back to the shopaholic thing. I can relate a little. Why only a little? Well, I don't go for all that signatured clothes and I don't have such huge debt from banks (I had a bit though). I was really really happy when I was finally able to pay it off. I will never ever hear an agent calling home again. Yes, those disgusting agents who feels like you owe them 400K when it is only 40K (something like that). The threats, the attitude and everything. Well, to be fair, they are not bank agents. Bank account managers are more considerate and they don't yell at their customers. The agents I am talking about here are the agents from all these collections agency who are dying to get a collection to get their commissions.

Oh, by the way, the book has now become a movie. And here, watch the trailer and enjoy. I am definitely going to watch this!

Another Quick Note  

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Thanks to all who have visited my blog last week and for all your concern. This is just another quick note though because I can no longer concentrate on what I should write at this point.

Anyway, tomorrow is my schedule for Endoscopy. I have underwent the same procedure a couple of years ago and the result was gastric ulcer. Am quite unsure about the outcome this time but I do pray it is nothing to be scared about.

Just this. Please do visit in the next couple of days for I still have some good posts up my sleeves.

Good day everyone!