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I still have a couple of tags and awards pending for posting. And since I was out for almost a week, I was unable to post them. But here they are now - 2 tags and an award. My sincerest apologies for posting this...a bit late ^_^

First was the Honest Scrap tag from Jan of Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong. Thank you Jan for your frequent visits and comments which I really do appreciate.

Rules for Posting the Honest Scrap Tag
  1. Write a post about this tag and include the name (URL link) of the person(s) who passed this tag.
  2. Write also 10 HONEST things about yourself.
  3. Pass this tag to 7 friends/bloggers and leave comments on their blogs informing about this tag.
Now, for the 10 Honest Things About Myself:
  1. I hate losing. Whether it is a debate, a game, an argument or even school competitions, I always hate to lose. This gives me the tendency to strive hard so I can win but it even gets me more disappointed if I have tried my best and still lost.
  2. My profile picture was taken in 2004, a couple of months before I got married. I still look very much like it but I have gained weight. Well, sorry but that was the best picture I can ever produce for my profile. hehe.
  3. I hate worms and caterpillars. I don't know but I hate those creepy crawlers. I can very well struggle to run after the cockroaches with my slippers though.
  4. I can't ride a bike. The first time I tried and I got hurt, it never gave me the courage to ride on it again.
  5. I love cooking - even if hubby doesn't like what I cook! Sure he doesn't!
  6. I don't trust people so easily. Honestly, I don't gain friends that easy but once one became my friend, he/she will become my treasure.
  7. When I was a kid, my father tested me by throwing cash, gifts and mangoes on the floor, I took the mangoes instead! And I still love them until now.
  8. I love make-up BUT I can do without lipstick. Yes, even if I have prepared and made up my face with eye shadows, liners, blush on and powder - I still won't put on a lipstick. I just hate being cautious of my lips because I have lipstick on.
  9. I love bags but I don't buy them. I just love seeing them in the stores but I don't want to splurge much on them so I am still sticking with my 2-year old bag, whatever my attire is. Believe it or not.
  10. I love surprises! But as much as I love them, I only remember receiving 1 surprise. Hahaha!
I am now passing this on to umma, cecile, chubskulit, amy, eric, jed, shasha

Next is the Birthday Wish tag from Bingkee of I Love/Hate America. She's been very nice with me ever since I started blogging. Thank you Bingkee for tagging me. My was last November but here are my wishes:

My 10 Birthday Wishes:

  1. Our own house - which I just got!
  2. An Iphone - yes, I want one too, Bingkee but it is still expensive (at least for me)
  3. A car - we don't own one yet.
  4. 1M budget for house renovation - is it too big?
  5. New set of furnitures
  6. New set of kitchenwares, tools, etc.
  7. A new PC
  8. A salary increase!
  9. More bonus from the company
  10. I more than wish for my kids to stay healthy and witty.

Last for today, is the Best Mom Award from Rose of Obstacles and Glories. Thank you, Rose. Really appreciate this award but for now, I will keep it for myself...will share it (probably on Mother's Day!)

That is all for now, I still have to head off to work after lunch.

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Your hubby doesn't like how you cook? hahaha. what is he, a chef? hahaha. well, he had better get busy in the kitchen then.

hi jan - well, it happens his mom is excellent in the kitchen. he just grew up knowing good food. and as for me, i am still learning ^_^

thanks for your comment

Dear, you cannot have a made-up face without lipstick. You'll gonna still look pale. You can skip everything but don't with the lipstick. Lipstick brightens a face.

hi bingkee - you are actually right. even with everything on, i still look pale...hehehe

will try...more tries probably until i finally learn to live with a lipstick. thanks!

thanks mye, i am sure to post this one.

thanks mye, i am sure to post this one.

hi sha sha - feel free po...thanks for visiting

Hi Mye, sowi ngayon lang ako nakdalaw ulit.. soo busy, paalis na kami sa wednesday kasi papinas.. salamt dito but.. i posted these tags last month ata.. mwah..

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