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Have you been wondering why I haven't been posting lately? Not that I am very busy with work or other activities. It is probably the time of the year again when almost all members of the household got sick. Yes, my family (including myself) was sick since last week.

When I got home, Friday of last week, hubby already has fever. I immediately gave him paracetamol for next day will be the day before our town's fiesta and there will be a parade. He's actually been waiting for that event since he got his DSLR because he wants to practice. And the parade will be a good opportunity.

The following day arrived, he is still sick, having chills and fever but he managed to go with us to my in-laws to watch the parade ( we have a nice view from there). The parade started a bit late so he was getting tired. He slept for a bit and then when it started, he watched and was able to take a couple of pictures. To make the event worse, it rained and yes, some of the bands were not able to perform. But to our surprise, the rain did not stop the parade. The children and other performers were already wet but they are still marching. I was already worried that the children will get sick.

Hubby was not able to watch it fully even after the rain stopped. He was already not feeling very well. And so I asked him that we should go to the hospital so he can be checked. After a couple of hours of observation in ER, he was admitted since his fever is not subsiding despite the paracetamols and the hydration. It was systemic infection. He had upper respiratory tract infection with rhinitis and folicular pharyngitis.

A day after, I went home to pick up my kids. My mom is also not feeling well (she's got diabetes and high cholesterol level). And I don't want her to get tired of taking care of the kids. I immediately noticed my daughter, Scieszka, has a slight fever but I disregard it. I thought maybe it was probably because I stayed in an air-conditioned facility overnight. At around 3Am, with both daughters sleeping beside me in the sofa bed, I noticed Scieszka is already very hot. When day breaks, I immediately brought her to ER where she was given paracetamol but was released since it was only her first day of fever. Evening came and with paracetamol, her fever is persistent. I rushed her back to ER and her fever was already 38.6 degrees. She was again given paracetamol and temperature was checked after 15minutes but it shoot to 40.4 degrees. I got even more worried, sent a message to my mom and asked if she can get someone to help me in the hospital since Elysia is with his dad (who can't easily move with his dextrose). My mom came with my sister-in-law. Elysia was already asleep but Scieszka is still struggling from her fever. She even tells me "Mom, I am crying." She was given a sponge bath a couple of times and was observed in ER for a couple more hours. When her fever subsided, she was again released.

I asked my mom and sister-in-law to go home. We went up to her dad's room and sleep. The following day, their dad was advised to go home. But both my daughters are already sick. Both now have fever, colds and cough. I brought them to their neo-natologist before going home. They were given antibiotics. Elysia recovered from her fever easily because of the antibiotics but Scieszka only recovered last Thursday. Friday came and I am ready to go back to work. Yep, I was out on family emergency for 4 days...2 days of which I am working from home. I thought I was strong and I won't be affected. But since, what hit them was a viral infection, it hit me on a Friday. But not that much. I immediately took note that my colds might progress to post nasal drip which can cause infection to my throat which will immediately result to flu (I had a couple of experience and I learned from it). So I took my "virlix" and "neozep". Voila, the colds are gone but body malaise is still here. I can still feel muscle pains and I am feeling very tired.

My boss then sent me a message, "an ounce of prevention is far more better than a pound of cure, when you are all well, look into it". And I realized, hadn't I waited for the cheaper flu vaccine from the company, we wouldn't be sick like this and I won't have to spend more than 7thousand pesos worth of medicines for all of us!

When all is well, I will immediately set aside budget for the flu vaccine!

Lesson learned.

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Aw... I know. I also skimp on that.. but boyfriend's GrandAunt always say the same thing. Prevention is better than cure.

When boyfriend learned about the Flu vaccine, he had our daughter vaccine right away. last year kase May na dumating ung flu vaccine pero ngayon nung January pa.

Hirap talaga pag ganyan ang gastos. When I had my UTI, and let it pass lang, lumala umabot sa gall bladder and kidneys. So boyfriend had to spend thirty thousand pesos for my hospitalization. OUCH.

Aren't flu vaccines supposed to be free? I think that's free when you go to some sort of community clinic or general hospital. I remember then I took my pamangkins in a Davao clinic to have flu vaccines for free.

Anyway, I wish you all get well soon.

ouch nga...anyway, it was just another lesson learned. thanks for the visit

unfortunately, it is not free (as far as our location is concern). at an average it costs P1500 but some clinics give it cheaper. if you have an HMO, they give it at around P900 per shot. i really should set a budget for this since i have a couple of requirements at home (the kids, the yaya, my mom and me)

thanks as always ^_^

Hi Mye, I hope that all of you are well now... Cant imagine how you feel..

Everything will be alright te.. Just be strong..

thanks, rose. we are all home now.

sorry i haven't been bloghopping lately but i will surely make up for what i missed.

I hope everyone is feeling better!

I just found your blog on entrecard. I enjoyed reading this post.

@cascia - thanks for dropping by. i hope you will visit again. ^_^

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