[updated] Blog Appetite is Moving (has moved) to Wordpress  

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Just an update on this post - I have successfully migrated to Wordpress. Please do visit me there! ^_^

I thought I wouldn't change my mind on moving this blog. However, there are very limited things you can do with blogger. I understand this has been very helpful for me but as I move on to the serious side of blogging, I have noticed that I need to have more. And for that reason, I am moving, besides my new domain is another self-hosted wordpress.

Yes, I am moving www.blogappetite.com to a self-hosted wordpress blog using the same domain. Discussions are ongoing with my admin and I hope it will work in the next few hours.

I will not change the theme. I will retain this beautiful notepad theme but I will be removing unnecessary widgets. I wanted to have a clean blog for now. ^_^

Please please please update you link to www.blogappetite.com and to my blogger followers, I want to exchange links with you so I can include you all in my blog roll. I hope you will continue to read my blogs.

And one more thing, my new blog is now up and running but there are no contents yet. It is entitled Home and Parenting with domain http://homeandparenting.com.
I hope to see you there too!

Cooking Up Something?  

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I have actually been wanting to tell everyone about my plans of acquiring another domain that will be dedicated about home and parenting topics only but I have just completed the transaction last weekend.

What's causing further delay? I can't decide on the theme. I have contacted 2 designers already (Carlota and Gisele). Unfortunately, Gis is currently not accepting job anymore for she is very busy so I am just waiting if Carlota can somehow tweak the design for me to make it a 3-column one.

The domain is now up and running but there is just the introductory entry that I used for testing. I am not happy with the results and so I have to wait for the design.

So what happens to Blog Appetite? Of course I will not leave it behind. This is my first blog and I love it so I will still be updating this blog on a regular basis. However, the home and parenting topics will now be posted on the other blog. I want this one to be my personal blog. My adventures, misfortunes, luck and mommy moments will be my topics here. Guess the other blog will be serious, eh.

I will soon announce the site name once the design is final. So I am pleading (yeah, pleading) that you follow me and read my other blogs as well. Hope you could treat my new blog the same way you did to Blog Appetite.

Thanks in advance ^_^

Family's Day Out con Photo Shoot  

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Hubby just recently joined a photography club since he wants to sharpen his skills and learn the art behind photography. When he bought the camera a couple of months ago, he was just practicing by himself and couldn't get some good shots(well, at least for someone who owns a Canon 1000D). He, himself was not satisfied with his shots and he knew he need to learn..from others and from experience. So there, we set off to Paco Park to join the Aperturista Photo Shoot today.

I am not so familiar with the theme they set up for this shooting gig but I think it was called Gothic (really, I am not so sure). But take a look at his shots! I was quite surprised! Well, I did the editing for now so please bear with it... ^_^ I am not so good about picture editing yet.

Of course, the family pictures will not be totally left out. He took pictures of the kids (and me!) and these are the results. I hope he'll pursue this hobby. I like pictures...so I can scrap! And believe me, I am going to download and buy scrap kits so I can make some out of these pictures.

That comprised our park adventure for today. The kids enjoyed playing around and they were very happy. Another family bonding ^_^

My Own Domain  

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Alas! I am now configuring my blogger to redirect to my domain www.blogappetite.com, gosh I hope it works! I've got my hosting services from Web Hosting Pad

Well, as I've said before I bought the hosting service for 2 years and it has been unused for 6months already so I paid for something I am not using. What a waste of money. This is the reason why I decided to try it myself...

Good luck to me! ^_^

Sorry! I can't help but edit the post - just right after editing the blogger settings....see? It worked! Gosh, it took me a while!

Guess, I need to update my profiles, eh! *wink wink*

Going Freelance?  

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When I resigned from my previous job, I started searching online for home-based jobs so I can help my husband, financially wise while I am at home taking care of the kids. Unfortunately, back then, I can't find a home-based job like freelance writing, designing, transcriptions, etc. I am unsure if I have just not done my best searching but really, I found nothing. That was 3 years ago.

Last week, while trying to read blogs and downloading a scrap kit, I happened to see a forum discussing about freelance writing and things like online money making. I got caught in the writing opportunity. My writing might not be in good comparison as to the works of our good friends in the blogosphere but you know, I am still interested to do it.

In short, I registered. And the good thing, registration is free. And as I go on, I keep on finding different sites offering freelance services and giving projects to freelancers. I was amazed by how many are they that I even asked myself - "Why didn't I get the chance to see these opportunities when I have the luxury of time to work from home before?"

Oh well, I've learned about a couple more sites (I hope they are all legal). One thing for sure, I did not spend a penny to register - which made me think, these are not scams - I pray they aren't.

Gratitude to My Top Dropper  

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When I started this blog, I never thought I'd gain readers nor friends from the blogosphere and around the world. But fortunately, I did. Not just friends but I gained fairly good traffic, too! I started introducing my blog in MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog. Then as I read on other blogs, I slowly learned that there are a lot more social networking sites available for me to publish my blog and gain traffic. One them in Entrecard. I no longer remember how I've known the site but one thing for sure, it brought me even more readers and that I really really am thankful that I have learned about it.

I would like to particularly thank a reader, a fellow blogger and a writer for being my Number One Dropper for 3 consecutive months. With that dedication and passion for reading and dropping cards, I am writing this post to show my gratitude to her. This isn't a paid post, just so all of you would know. This is the only way I can to show how thankful I am.

To Bingkee of I Love/Hate America - please accept this humble message. I am also posting your site's logo on my side bar for 1 month. I hope you will never get tired of visiting Blog Appetite.

Thank You!

Child Discipline and How Difficult It Is  

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When our twins was born, it was the most wonderful day for the entire family. Both my parents and my in-laws are excited to see them. On our side, they are the first grandchildren of my parents. At my in-laws, they are both the first grandchildren and the only twins in history. Yeah, in our genes, we have history of multiple births so this is not the first time.

Since they were born prematurely, they had to stay in the hospital for a month to gain weight but luckily, they both survived---- healthy. I haven't thought then that parenting will be just as hard. My kids were not cry babies when they are young but I have to stay awake most of the time to feed them every 2 hours. They left the hospital at 2kgs so I need to maintain their weight and make sure they are fed on time.

As I reflect on my husband's and my personality, we are both sure that we will become good parents. That we will live by example and that we will not be like other parents who spoil their children resulting to misbehavior and all other things. But as the children grow, we've learned that parenting is not just as simple as ABC. One can never have a crash course to be a good parent. And one cannot be so sure of what their children will become, especially if the parent is not beside the child 100% of their growing up years.

Leaving the kids to my parents everyday to go to work has greatly contributed to what they are now. The grandparents (I mean my parents) are my real enemy when it comes to rearing the kids for they think they know better. They don't want them to cry so they give them almost everything, which we haven't experienced ourselves when we were young, I wonder. And my ways of disciplining my children is a no no to them. So how's our everyday battle? Go figure.

We realized then, that we've both become nags. Shouting and yelling has become natural inside the house and I am not liking it. I know for a fact that it will surely become a habit of the children, too. And I was not mistaken. One day I heard Scieszka mimicking his dad's angry voice and Elysia mimicking my angry acts. I couldn't laugh at all simply because this is a serious matter that we need to resolve immediately.

I read a couple of books, online topics and magazines to see if I can find some help. I cannot do this alone. While checking on the book "Discipline Your Child Without Shouting and Spanking", I saw that there are so many behaviors of children that we have to consider. Discipline, is not merely a word but an act of doing what you want your child to do. It covers several topics which cannot be discussed in a single article. To become a good parent is not easy but for us to raise children with proper attitude and behavior, we are willing to learn. From friends, from our parents and from other parents.

Each of the stages in our children's lives are important and they learn with us as we learn from them. While I have been doing my share of learning on becoming a good mom to my kids even if I only have a few hours a day to spend with them now that I am working, I realized that I still haven't grown. I just become a mom but not yet a parent. And that I have to work on.

Top 10 EC Droppers for February 2009  

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Once again, it's the beginning of a new month and though I have not been productive as a blogger last month, I still want to thank those who regularly visit my blog, drop ECards and leave comments.

Below are my top 10 EC droppers for February

  1. I Love/Hate America - Bingkee, has been my top dropper for 3 consecutive months now. I really love her as a writer. Appreciate your regular visits and comments, my dear friend. Hope I could learn some writing tips from you. Been wanting to be a freelance writer myself. ^_^
  2. Forced Green - I've known the blog thru Adgitize and since we're both advertisers, I can say we both are regularly visitors of each others' site (except last month when I was away on family matters)
  3. Orient Lodge - Aldon Haye's has always been in my top 10 since over the last 3 months as well. A blog I've also known thru Adgitize.
  4. Mature Not Senile - Jude, is also another advertiser in Adgitize. I always spend a couple of minutes reading her blog since I joined because her personal blog is interesting.
  5. Robin's Nest - Robin, like me, is also a scapper. But the difference, she is a paper scrapper and her creations are just brilliant. I can't imagine myself spending much to buy materials for a paper scrap so I ended up with digital scrapping.
  6. Digital Polaroids - Another Adgitize advertiser and a Photographer by profession. His blog tackles articles about photography and photo editing as well.
  7. Raging Rev - Another blogger who is constantly in my top 10 over the last 3months. His blog mainly discusses matters about Christianism and Atheists.
  8. Daily Post 777 - First time in my top 10 but I like the blog. It is about clothing and fashion. Check it out.
  9. Blog De Manila - Pinoy blogger with a kind heart and always ready to lend a helping hand to fellow bloggers who needs his expertise. Thanks, Eric.
  10. Red Head Ranting - An Adgitize advertiser who likes to rant online. Her articles are really interesting.

Words aren't enough to say how grateful I am.