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Alas! I am now configuring my blogger to redirect to my domain, gosh I hope it works! I've got my hosting services from Web Hosting Pad

Well, as I've said before I bought the hosting service for 2 years and it has been unused for 6months already so I paid for something I am not using. What a waste of money. This is the reason why I decided to try it myself...

Good luck to me! ^_^

Sorry! I can't help but edit the post - just right after editing the blogger settings....see? It worked! Gosh, it took me a while!

Guess, I need to update my profiles, eh! *wink wink*

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Mye, how much did you pay for your domain name?

This is very interesting. Is your theme from Wordpress? If not, is this possible - using WP theme with blogger?

Lots of you are moving. First, Bingkee. Then you. Who's next? hahaha.

Bingkee's Typepad is a bit harder to move than a Blogger.

but hey... i have the confidence that you can do it Mye! go! gO! GO!

@Jan, you can get a cheap domain name from GoDaddy, I think it's $6.99 per year for a .COM, NET. I'm not affiliated with GoDaddy, but I've found their services really great.

Regarding your question, yes its possible to use WP theme on Blogger.


just do little clean up for some links (mapping operation)

Good to see you that you are now using your domain.

I hope that you can work it things out as soon as possible.

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆

It's hard for me because from a Typepad to a WP software which are both entirely different in everything.
Sa Typepad kasi , the plug-ins are there all available without downloading them.
All you need are the codes.
Tapos ang Typepad, meron silang more than a 150 themes available without downloading them talagang pang-newbie.
Pero I don't like the customer support staff ...and I read that WP is the best.

Jan---My domain is $2.00 for one year in GoDaddy. They cut $12.00 since I'm doing also self-hosting. If you buy a domain name only, it's $12.00/yr.

Eric--I think it's $12.00 ata and cut $8.00 from it. That's what the salesperson told me.

Wordpress is the top 1 of the blogging platforms used in the world;

WP is used by 27 top blogs (out of 100) and Typepad is used by 16 top blogs and only 3 top blogs (including Google) used Blogger.

i bought my domain and hosting 6months ago from webhostingpad for $3.95/mo for 2years. that is the rate per month but you have to pay for 2 or 3years. the domain is free (1 lang) for life. the customer service is OK for even though it took me so long, they were able to figure this out. i do understand the domain thing but I can't understand the configurations so they did it for me. i will post the link in my site ^_^

you've been a great help also! thanks for the kindness and for your time. i know Bingkee's having a hard time now but she needs help.

Yeah, i finally did it! but then, I am having problems with some widgets like the blog roll.

thank you for visiting my blog. please do come often. ill check out your blog, too!

from the looks of typepad and from reading a lot of tutorials (most i've seen are WP and blogger), i understand that it will be quite difficult for you.but we have a lot of friends here, i know they will help you. well, eric is one ^_^ di ba, eric?

Wow! Congratulations Ate Mye.. :)

hi bhing - yeah i am so happy!

congrats Mye i am glad to here that you have your own site. have a great weekend.

hi bill - thanks for dropping by ^_^

haha! finally! congrats!!! I'm glad you know how to work around your blog. I'm still not familiar on the technical stuff. (still dependent on boyfriend's)...

We also have an account in Godaddy. I think they're great too. before we bought a domain in Cheaper than cheap domains and when that domain got high traffic, they didn't want to renew it and they're selling it for a higher price. damn!! kainis talaga yun!!!!

I think this is WP theme, right Mye?

fedhz - this is actually a wordpress theme but the designer made one for blogger and i am using the blogger version...

i have no plans yet of transferring this to WP though i am cooking up a WP account and domain is already up...will announce it soon ^_^

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