Family's Day Out con Photo Shoot  

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Hubby just recently joined a photography club since he wants to sharpen his skills and learn the art behind photography. When he bought the camera a couple of months ago, he was just practicing by himself and couldn't get some good shots(well, at least for someone who owns a Canon 1000D). He, himself was not satisfied with his shots and he knew he need to learn..from others and from experience. So there, we set off to Paco Park to join the Aperturista Photo Shoot today.

I am not so familiar with the theme they set up for this shooting gig but I think it was called Gothic (really, I am not so sure). But take a look at his shots! I was quite surprised! Well, I did the editing for now so please bear with it... ^_^ I am not so good about picture editing yet.

Of course, the family pictures will not be totally left out. He took pictures of the kids (and me!) and these are the results. I hope he'll pursue this hobby. I like I can scrap! And believe me, I am going to download and buy scrap kits so I can make some out of these pictures.

That comprised our park adventure for today. The kids enjoyed playing around and they were very happy. Another family bonding ^_^

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of all the photos, I like best ung pic mo and the last one.. baby mo?

di pa rin carry ng budget namin and hindi din sulit for me to upgrade kase minsan minsan lang naman nila nagagamit.. :)

Make or Break

hi pehpot - yep, they are my babies (twins). the other one loves the camera so much.

do you mean upgrade to PS3? oo nga, saka di praktikal..^_^

hi grandy - thanks for the comment ^_^

I think the gothic photoshoot is amazing - I agree - I hope hubby keeps up with his new hobby.

I love the shots of the family too - your girls are precious.

Nice pictures taken by your hubby.

The background of the model suits the theme of the photo shoot.

@ emm
i'm glad you liked the pictures ^_^ thanks for visiting today.

i added you to my blog roll ^_^ it's nice that you liked his shots...he's but a newbie

yeah, ate mye! I like the pics of the twins too! natural na natural hehehe! Congrats sa new hobby ni hubby hehe!

si boyfriend din gusto nya mag-photography kaso mahal eh. mwahehe!

hi fedhz - thanks...we haven't talked in a while ^_^ hope i'll catch you up at ym soon.

uy ganda nmn ng mga photos :) galing ni hubby mo!
cute kids too!

thanks for droppin' by my blog...and for the sweet comments :D abt your question, pede ka nmn magjoin sa black magic basta fit sa requirement un digi lo mo ;)

hi donna - what is digi lo? guess i still need to learn the scrap lingo hahaha...

ibig nya sabihin digital layout.
ganda ng mga pics. i wish i have time to join photography groups din. baduy kasi sa office pag sumali ako, required daw (ewan kung totoo ha) na magcover ng mga office events, nyek! hahaha.

ang cute ng twin mo :-)

ay oo nga no! totally newbie talaga ahahha...ganon ba? sayang naman. si bimbo sa photography group ng company natuto sabi he has his own studio na.

thank you!

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