When Kids Quarrel...  

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For moms like me, our children are the most precious gift God has given us. They are our joy, our source of strength and our inspiration to pursue more and achieve our goals.

I got married in December 2004 and a month after, I learned I was pregnant. Much to our surprise, I am having twins! A few months after and I gave birth to them at 30 weeks. Pre-term delivery, probably because I am a petite lady and my body can no longer stretch much??? (I really don't know). I gave birth to 2 little darling angels on the 4th of July year 2005.

1 month old

The first few months were a struggle for me, for I have to wake up almost every hour at night just so that I can give their milk on a 2-hour interval since they can only tolerate 2ml when we took them home (they stayed in the hospital for a month). Watching them grow little by little is like an achievement for us. From the tiny 3.3lbs growing up to 2.5kgs to 4kgs and now, 18kgs and 16kgs - it was really a success for me. You can never tell now that my kids were premature babies.

7 months old

They are well-loved, taken cared of (sometimes, even over than usual). Their newborn state made me thought that I have to give them extra care and that they should be protected from anything that could cause harm to them. I became an overprotective mom, all loving and as much as possible - understanding. As much as possible?

11 months old

Well, let me clear - I am understanding but my kids are really irking me to the highest level when they are quarreling. As far as I am concerned, I taught them the rules of sharing, of loving each other, of giving and almost all the things I know they should learn. But then, kids still have things to argue about. The tiniest move that the other will create could irritate the other. The toy that the other one wants to have is being handled by the other and she wouldn't want to lend it to her sister. And to top the list, they quarrel over mommy! And yes, it feels like I just want to vanish from their site for a moment so that I can elude the sound of their soprano like voices banging around the house.

now 3 years old

And what do I do when the kids quarrel? If I can still retain my composure, here are the things I do:

  • Talk to them and let them know that fighting is a bad thing (while they still can't talk back!) and that mom and dad doesn't want them fighting.
  • Tell each other to apologize and be sincere when saying "Sorry"
  • When fighting over a toy, I get the toy from them and let them realize that until they learn how to share, they can't have it again.
  • And when fighting over me, I get their dad - share your blessings! (lol)

Being a mom is really a tough job. Nurturing your kids isn't just a thing to do - it is a lifetime task, to continually teach them about life and all the things around them. And us moms, are just a wonderful gift to them just as they were to us.

Feeding the Rabbits  

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I just can't help but make some scraps out of the pictures taken during our visit to the Ark Avilon Zoo. Not sure if it will be appreciated by other scrappers but - please let me know your thoughts so I can improve.

eika & ysha enjoying their time with the rabbits

The kids enjoyed their time with the rabbits here. As shown in my previous post, they came back for more! And the rabbits enjoyed the carrots as well.

This scrap is a combination of Harvest Spice, Sun Porch and Spontaneous Delight - all from Shabby Princess. I haven't bought any scrapping kit yet. I still have one I like but unfortunately, I can't go back to buy because I've been very busy recently not just because of the holidays but also because of the recent events I have handled and attended.

I'd appreciate your comments =)

Happy Holidays  

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It has been almost one week since my last post. Yes, I was terribly busy for the last couple of days. Had a wedding I need to organize and weddings I need to attend to. Tiring but fulfilling. I had barely enough sleep and I looked terribly awful the night before Christmas - I needed a few hours of sleep but I can't. I had work that day and was able to get home 3hours before the Noche Buena, I still have to cook (no maid at home for the last 4months). But it was well worth it, the family enjoyed the night with an exchange of gifts (with my immediate family) and the Noche Buena. The kids loved the wonderful gifts they received.
Just need to rest for a few days but will definitely post about the weddings I have organized recently and the weddings I attended (I, being on the guests' table)
Happy Holidays everyone and may all of you have a fruitful year ahead!!! Godspeed!

How Do You Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary?  

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How do couples celebrate their wedding anniversary? Most of what I have observed - going out to dinner together, watching a movie, an overseas trip or a cruise probably (whoa!). Well, hubby and I celebrated it with the kids! And the day was just as special as our wedding day.

It was our 4th wedding anniversary last December 18. It was supposedly not a day off from work but due to Elysia having abdominal pains and diarrhea, we went to see her pediatrician. After she was given medication, we headed to Tiendesitas and had lunch at the Buma Seafood Restaurant. It was similar to Dampa (minus the cooking charge) but with relatively few sea foods in their market. Lunch was great and hubby enjoyed his crab.

We then headed to the Ark Avilon Zoo and the kids really enjoyed their stay there. See some of their moments here.

Here, they enjoyed feeding the carps. And the fishes really enjoyed their meal. It looks like they were swarming here for food. Yum yum. My daughters requested for a second round and hubby gave in so he can take a few more shots while the kids are busy.

Still eager to meet real-life animals, the kids headed to the farm area to see the rabbits and actually barge into the feeding station so they can feed the animals themselves. Look here. Scieszka was simply letting the rabbits and the guinea pigs eat the carrots but Elysia, showing her compassionate side, went all the way to the rabbits resting in the corners and fed them. She felt as if the smaller rabbits can't actually fight for their bite so she went ahead and gave them some.

It was really tiring to constantly follow them the whole day. They keep on running and exploring the area. Smart kids, I must say. Of course, they are my kids! haha!

Then it was time to feed the hungry sheeps. They were actually crying. Yes, they were really really hungry that time. The caretaker though is sensitive enough to notice it (well, he should be).

3 vegetable stalks for 10 pesos - i should've brought my 5-peso worth of "kangkong" (is it allowed?)

Behind us is a wishing well, and yes, they even asked for coins to throw in. I am looking at this picture and I remember the day I discovered I was pregnant and now, here they are - sitting beside me, giving me joy and headache at the same time. But it was well worth it! Parenting is really a tough job.

With us is my sis-in-law (my bro's wife). She takes care of the kids while we are at the office =)

Oh and finally, our family picture. We almost forgot. Hubby is our official photographer so he's not always in the picture. We were able to have one. The kids are already exhausted though and Elysia is throwing her tantrums already so this is the best shot we got.

So there, 4th anniversary celebration with the kids. A bit more special for us for we were able to spend the day with our precious little angels.

My Page Rank is Still Zero  

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I was wondering how I can improve my page rank. Lately, I was checking out other blogs and I found out that despite lower Alexa ranking, they have attained PR2. As for me, still at 0 with a better Alexa ranking. I don't fully understand yet how it works but if someone here can explain it to me better, I would really appreciate it.

It was probably the reason why I don't get much tasks from paid blogging companies. I have enrolled into a couple already but still I was only able to get task from one and the rest don't give me tasks - thus, I can't profit much.

When I checked my PR, I asked the site administrator why it was still displaying N/A for it states several reasons there and one, is that the site is probably blocked! Oh no! But according to the admin, it was not and that it was probably still not indexed by Google. What does it mean to be indexed by Google? Guess I really have a lot more to learn *sob sob*

I am already starting to worry. Is my current Alexa ranking not enough to say I have enough readership? If so, then how can I improve it. With my current traffic, I already thought I got better but I still am not. And that disappoints me.

Starbucks Vanilla Latte  

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I've been addicted to Starbucks vanilla latte lately. It started since I was able to have a free sip (free taste) when I happened to pass by the coffee shop one time and from there on, it became my relief from stress whenever I get to have a cup of it. Yum!

By the way, I've already completed the stickers for this year and Aline, you're right! There is nothing special to this year's edition of Starbucks Planner. Well anyway, I've been trying to complete these sticker series since this started but I was unable to do so. First, I don't like coffee that much. Second, I don't want to spend much on coffee just to get a planner. Hahaha.

But this year, it's different. I happened to like coffee since I am not getting enough sleep and I need caffeine so I can stay awake! Most of my coffees are free, yes, from my managers hahaha so I can already fill the stickers needed to get that Planner. Actually, to complete, I only spent for 5 cups of vanilla latte and toffee nut latte combined. All else are free. Nice isn't it?

So why is there Toffe Nut Latte? Well, this Starbucks Christmas tradition requires you to buy 8 holiday featured beverages and 8 beverage of your choice (excluding juice and bottled beverages). So it has to be a combination.

There. Mission Completion.

Notepad Design by InfoCreek  

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Good news to all users of the Notepad design by InfoCreek. You can now arrange your page layout properly. Before, we can't see the other side bar so we had a hard time arranging the layout. What I've done is to strategically put the widgets one at a time, the one I want to be at the bottom, I put them in first since, your recent widgets would naturally go on top =).

Anyway, I saw it yesterday and I thought it would be nice to share this since I am not the only one using this very nice and attractive layout. Here is how it looks like now.

See, you can already arrange your layout nice and easy. Just drag and drop your widgets to your desired location on the site and voila - you're done!

Christmas Wish List  

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What will be the most memorable gift this year?

I was not able to post my wish list for this year early but I actually have a couple of stuffs I want to receive on Christmas. Some, I don't want to personally buy because I won't buy it - considering the price and my priorities, haha! Here are some of the gifts I wish I would receive this year:

For Myself:

  • Crocs Slippers - nice and comfy. this is the one thing I want to have but I won't buy myself. this is expensive for me.
  • Bangles - more bangles from BBB! Have one as my birthday gift but I want more!
  • Samsonite Laptop Bag - a nice backpack will do but I'd prefer a slim case since I am not allowed to put too much pressure on my shoulders.

For My Twins:

  • Metrobank Fun Savers Gift Check - calling all the ninangs and ninongs out there. this is justs cheap in case you want to give money, this can be an alternative. =)
  • Musical Instruments Toys - they simply love toy instruments

There. Those are my very few Christmas wish list. So friends, if you are still wondering what to give me this Christmas, the list are above. And, don't forget the twins! =)

Acceptance of Losing a Loved One  

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There is nothing permanent in this world but change. It really is, everything will soon come to an end, in due time. But how does one accept the fact that losing a family member is the reality that we cannot elude.

Grandma passed away on her 76th birthday. And sad as it may be, we all have to accept that the grandma we used to visit yearly on Christmas, New Year and town fiesta will no longer be there on all the occasions to come. Grandma raised me for 8 years and being the first grandchild, I am the most affected among all of them. She used to wake me up every morning and prepare my needs before going to school. She used to clean my legs with i don't know what to remove the dirt coming from my explorations in the farm or in the forest (yes, I lived in the province once upon a time). She used to scold me for not taking a bath because the water was too cold. I can still remember when I used to escape from the house whenever I knew my mom would come for I am afraid they'd bring me with them. It took a couple of years before I was finally convinced that I should leave the province and be with my family. Grandma and grandpa were my first parents.

When she left for good on the day of her birthday, it was painful. But no matter how painful losing her is, nothing can compare to the pain she felt during her last days of suffering that one would just really pray for her to rest peacefully to ease it. And I did for I can no longer bear to see her like that.

Accepting that a loved one has passed away may not be easy at times and of course it varies from person to person. As for me, the best way is to pray, open up your heart and let go. My ties with grandma may not be as strong as her ties with her children but I have loved her, from the bottom of my heart and letting go is the best way I know.

And to you lola, you will always remain in our hearts forever. We will surely miss you. Thank you for everything - goodbye....

Adgitize Brought Me Traffic  

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Adgitize your web site.

It brought me traffic, yes it did. How about cash? Well, let's see in January. I joined late November so I haven't been able to get my first payment yet and I am so excited and looking forward to it. Most of my friends have already received their payments and all of them commented Adgitize real good. As for me, I can only talk about how grateful I am to adgitize for bringing me more readers. I have initially thought of posting this entry to blog avenue but unfortunately, I can't seem to make the ad space work (or wordpress probably isn't allowing it). Do you think I should already transfer that account to Blogger?

Anyway, going back to my Adgitize traffic, it was really wonderful to know that most of my readers came from the Adgitize network. I personally expected that most of them will just probably visit the site for the click rewards but to my surprise, most readers there even left comment and eventually became my online buddies . Some have already helped me with my concerns and others have been regularly visiting my site.

For us bloggers, these readers bring quality traffic to our blogs and I must say, Adgitize did well. Quality traffic contributes to our page rankings and I am still working and trying to achieve a higher page rank in the next few months - yes, I am not in hurry! If this continues, it will probably won't take long to achieve my goal. For now, I am just enjoying blogging and gaining friends - online.

How about you? Do you want to share the same experience? It's simple - join our Adgitize network and be one of us.

Adgitize - Get World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget

Sweet Shoppe Designs  

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While checking on a friend's site, I happened to see this scrapping site which, I think will become one of my favorites. The designs are unique and absolutely beautiful! Just take a look at this one.

I will definitely come back and buy this one. I will also join the group but not now since my connection is not so good (tomorrow maybe). While writing this entry, there has been a couple of disconnections encountered before I was able to publish this post. Geesh, I definitely need to process the DSL application once again if my schedule permits (and the budget of course hahaha!)

The last two days were very very busy. Events, family matters, work (yes, even on weekends) but still thankful for I have a job!

Wait for my scrap using the above kit. I'm so excited!

Dorado - Del Rosario Nuptials  

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Finally, RD and Tinee got married. After 5 years (i hope my recollection is correct) of being together, they solemnly exchanged their touching vows at the Chapel of Transfiguration of Jesus in Caleruega last November 28.
The mood that day was very happy, the weather was good and the touching vows made the witnesses cry. Oh, I got out of the church so to avoid being caught in the camera crying =)
Tinee was very very beautiful that day. Yes, she really is beautiful since birth! And RD looked gorgeous with the unique barong suite he got. It was very very nice. Reception followed at Splendido in Tagaytay. The program was enjoyed by everyone and the food was great.
As expected, the photographers didn't have a hard time taking pictures of this couple. They loved the camera so much and they aren't getting tired of posing for more! All the pictures taken were really good. Suffice to say, they got a very good photographer and videographer, Pat Dy and Bob Nicolas.
I did not coordinate the event but I enjoyed being their guest. It was also our time to get bonded with old friends and officemates which I haven't seen for more than 2 years already. It was their wedding and our gathering. Very momentous event I must say.
To RD and Tinee, best wishes to you and hope to see you having kids soon! Godspeed!

What November Has Brought Me  

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A little over a month ago, I was just a newbie to the wonderful world of blogging. My previous posts have no more than personal contents and that I only have a few readers, 2-3 I think and my first follower on my old blogspot site was my husband's cousin. My first blogspot site was not attracting enough to get more readers to visit and then I decided to change it. My desired names are sure taken by most bloggers already and I have to think of a little more appealing. Got a hold of Home Magazine and saw the word appetite and voila - my site became Blog Appetite!

November came and it became my introductory month to the blogosphere. I joined multiple social sites to gain friends and eventually readers. Twitter, MyBlogLog, Blogcatalog, TheWoZone are only a few. Yes, I gained a lot of friends and a lot of readers compared to my previous months. I've seen bloggers help other bloggers and I've learned that there are so many ways to improve traffic to your site. The most important learning I got - is that I can earn from my blogs and so did I! Not quite much since I am just starting but I can proudly say - I have earned from writing.

Now, here's my new site with a whole new look which I love - thanks to InfoCreek.

Hopefully, the months ahead will bring me more than just traffic, but friends and of course - cash! Been lately wondering about some advertising for my blogs. Need money for that - sob sob. I hope to have more to be able to do so. Sheesh...i really shouldn't have bought a hosting service yet. Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! Times like this - I just can't help but whine...


What is RSVP?  

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R.S.V.P. stands for "répondez, s'il vous plaît". It is a French phrase which means "Please Respond" or literally, "Respond, if you please".

This phrase is mostly included in almost any invitation but is most likely being seen in wedding invites. Why include it? Generally, the person who sent the invite would want to know if the guest will be coming to the event or not. This is so that they know how many people to count and how much food and drinks are needed to be prepared as well as the seats to be reserved.

Most wedding invitations come with a response card that guests can mail right away while others have the host's number or their coordinator's number where guest can call or send a message of confirmation. Ideally, guests are required to respond to the R.S.V.P and of course, it is a simple courtesy to send a reply to someone who is nice enough to invite you. Send a notice even if you are not coming to the event so that the host will not be left hanging with your answer.

In most Western countries, etiquette follows that if you received a written invitation, you have to respond promptly. I hate to say this but in some countries, R.S.V.P is nothing but merely additional numbers written in the invitation. Guests are not obligated to respond. At times, event coordinators are the one sending messages and calling the guests to ask if they are accepting or declining the invite.

For guests reading this post, piece of advise - do RSVP to the invitation. Hosts prepare much for their event, responding is your way of thanking them for inviting you.