What November Has Brought Me  

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Adgitize your web site.

A little over a month ago, I was just a newbie to the wonderful world of blogging. My previous posts have no more than personal contents and that I only have a few readers, 2-3 I think and my first follower on my old blogspot site was my husband's cousin. My first blogspot site was not attracting enough to get more readers to visit and then I decided to change it. My desired names are sure taken by most bloggers already and I have to think of a little more appealing. Got a hold of Home Magazine and saw the word appetite and voila - my site became Blog Appetite!

November came and it became my introductory month to the blogosphere. I joined multiple social sites to gain friends and eventually readers. Twitter, MyBlogLog, Blogcatalog, TheWoZone are only a few. Yes, I gained a lot of friends and a lot of readers compared to my previous months. I've seen bloggers help other bloggers and I've learned that there are so many ways to improve traffic to your site. The most important learning I got - is that I can earn from my blogs and so did I! Not quite much since I am just starting but I can proudly say - I have earned from writing.

Now, here's my new site with a whole new look which I love - thanks to InfoCreek.

Hopefully, the months ahead will bring me more than just traffic, but friends and of course - cash! Been lately wondering about some advertising for my blogs. Need money for that - sob sob. I hope to have more to be able to do so. Sheesh...i really shouldn't have bought a hosting service yet. Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! Times like this - I just can't help but whine...


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don't be so sad. there are more opportunities out there to earn money.

since you have webhosting already, let me know if you need some technical help, maybe I can assist you..don't worry, my services is FREE...just for you...kiddin', it's for anybody who needs help as long as my time permits.



hi eric,

really? sure i need help! i want this blogspot site to use my registered domain www.blogappetite.com question is - will it affect my current traffic? do i have to start over again?

read your blog...left you a comment and dropped an ecard =)


let's communicate through email so I can answer your question and be able to give you assistance.


sure...can i get your email ad?

check your email at yahoo Mye. I've already sent an email ;)

i've posted a comment but now it's gone. anyway, keep on blogging! :)

Hi Mye, I went to the paypal site and found the it. I dont remember were but i can find it again for you if you want. just let me know and i will locate it for you.

@thea - really...thanks for the visit.

@bill - thanks so much =)will also try to locate it.

hi mye, I just got my Adgitize payment! see PayPal proof of payment on my site.

at your Service!


hi eric - nice! did you also join as an advertiser? just recently joined and surprisingly, it really works! I have just been observing the traffic it has brought me and i must say - this is really good. I will post it in my other blog http://blogavenue.wordpress.com - do visit me there as well


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