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this day was really very busy at here, aim on another and then there are calls left and right. gosh...this is my busiest day of the year, ever!

anyway, i am thankful that i am busy for it means i still have work, right? with the global economy crisis right now, everyone is afraid of what has to become of all of us if it terribly hit our companies (praying...).

this crisis has been suggested by several economic indicators including high oil prices and eventually it leads to high food prices and all the rest follows. if this will continue to go on, more employees will lose jobs, cost of living will even become higher and it will be difficult for alll of us.

for now, we've got to do what we have to do. contribute to our companies. work your hardest.

saving and spending  

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savings can really do wonders to your financial stability.

though earning is tough and spending is easy, i say - saving money is much more difficult. sometimes, it is easier said than done. saving over spending is pretty much more challenging.

here are a few tips for mommies out there on how they can save a little:

  1. cut back unnecessary expenses - this could be unnecessary items in the grocery list, a new appliance that will not be used often, additional electronic appliance. check your daily expenditures and see what items can be removed from that list. you will be surprised that most of the items you frequently buy are really not necessary.

  2. create a grocery list and stick to it - when doing the grocery, prepare a list of i-need-to-buy-this list. these should contain all your home and living necessities only.

  3. cut back electricity bills - on cold weather, you may opt to open your windows instead of turning on your air conditioner. this can save you a lot on your monthly bills. check advices from your electric company on how you can cut your bills.

  4. teach your children to save early - saving should be an essential lesson in the family that the kids should learn early. this could bring them to good money handling habit in the future. teach the kids the importance of saving and that money is hard-earned and should be spent wisely.

  5. set your budget - be it on a weekly or monthly basis. of course, your budget should be reasonable enough.

  6. leave your credit cards at home - these cards should only be used for emergency purposes. leave them at home and pay in cash. overspending often comes from these cards.

the big dango family  

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the big dango family is really giving joy to my daughters...

dango daikazoku is actually a title of a song from the anime "clannad". i haven't completely watched the series (don't have time) but the song has been a regular melody inside the house.

and would you believe, even with the nihongo lyrics, my daughters have already memorized it! yes, they love the song so much that they want to sing it and watch the ending theme of the anime at least once before they go to bed.

mom and daughter's first duet  

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every night before going to sleep, my kids would usually ask us to sing for them...most song are from the nursery rhymes collection which they have already memorized (though medyo bulol yung ilang words).

last night, i was surprised 'coz the younger twin, ysha, sang..."look at me mom..." and as i thought she was just singing by herself, then she grabbed my face and told me to sing "shining like the sun"! gosh...what song is this again? then, i realized, yeah my kids are very exposed to television (kasi lagi sa bahay ng lola) and what ysha was singing was the nido commercial where sharon sings with her daughters frankie and miel...

good thing...since childhood i've been hearing this song and i've quite memorized some part of the lyrics...others hum na lang daughter and i sang our first duet together...and then the older twin approach and said..."si scieszka raine naman mommy" there...

i'm trying to get the lyrics so i can sing it correctly next time...will post is also once i'm able to find it.hahah...


neat once more  

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it's tiring! i cleaned our room today and arrrrrgggghhhhhh i'm sooooo tired...i needed to move out all the stuffs inside for me to be able to clean better. it's like a major overhaul! haha!

gosh...i haven't cleaned like this in months. hope i'd be able to do it more often... =) i'll be posting some items next time on how i can maintain a clean house.

this week has been very fulfilling for me...a lot of work were scheduled and yet i was able to accomplish them all before the week ended and then this weekend, a time for home...for cleaning, laundry, cooking and playing with the kids!


eat all you can at brazil brazil  

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friday night out is just not our thing. we'd rather eat out - simply like that.

after office today, hubby said he's craving for meeaaaaaaaattt!!! i suggested we had dinner at the house of minis in ugong, pasig. but the driver of the taxi he was riding was kinda rude so he just got off. he happened to see metrowalk, which is just in front of our office building and suggested brazil brazil there we ate our friday dinner.

the resto is buffet style and eat all you can, with friendly staffs and a yoyo on the table colored red and green. it was not my first time to eat there but really "i don't know that the red and green colors have a meaning" (shhhhh). so to say - the green side means that serving will continue on your table and staffs will bring in more meat - pork, chicken, lamb, beef, etc. while the red side means that you requested to stop service on your table. gosh, hubby touched the yoyo put it back accidentally on the red side. we just arrived and food is not coming. gosh - and that's the reason. lol! i called in a waiter and asked and he told me "ma'am if you need to continue service you have to turn the green side up." thanks to him we were able to

gosh am so full...need tea!


farewell my good ol' digicam  

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i've downloaded a couple of new layouts and designs for digiscraps which i'd like to try already. problem? i don't have a lot of pics for scrapping...yes - my good ol' digicam is broken. naman! i bought that when i was sent to FTL in 2003 and what year is it now? it was very very useful and now that it's broken, we really need to buy a new one.

hubby has been pondering over DLSR because he has friends who are member of our company's photography club. he said he'd really like to have one and even volunteered to be my official photographer for my events haha! i'd love that..*wink wink*

but, it's not our priority for now. we have a very important purchase this year and that one is what we are saving for.

if i'd have extra income, i might buy one...hehe...will it then be, hello DLSR?


rearranging life towards financial independence  

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the past few years have been very difficult for us- financially speaking and as time goes by, it seems it's getting more and more difficult.

this year we hope to get some improvements (thanks for the annual and promotion increase). and we also had to learn how to control our spending. even with the increase, we have to learn how to budget strictly. not that i am getting stringent on the finances but i don't want to suffer more. i want to be financially free...soon!

working towards the goal of being financially independent is hard but sure it is well worth it. the years you've spent saving your hard-earned money will eventually lead you to success and even more. however, this is a long term plan and one should really plan well for this. re-asses your financial status and see where you are right now and from there...make a move on how you can attain your goal.

i checked on our HDMF loan today (loan that has been left unpaid for a couple of years already) and to my surprise, it has been fully paid! pag-ibig has deducted our loans from our contributions. isn't it great?

hope SSS could do the same - well, thinking about impossible!


eluding the mall sale  

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It's sale today in robinson's galleria (and probably in other malls also). I usually go through inside the mall when going home because the fx stand is on the other side. But today, I was about to go in, opening my bag for the usual inspection and then, suddenly I changed my mind. I went back and instead passed on the side of the mall.

Haha - you bet I'm trying to avoid the sale! But why? Why do I have to avoid it if others are cramming to get inside. Well, we're trying to save. For what? I'd love to say it but it'll be more fulfilling if it's already done. So watch out for it....soon!


of being a working mom  

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Our little babies are growing up. i can still recall the days when they were just very tiny - as in. Both of them were only 3.3 lbs then. I can't even hold them properly 'coz I'm afraid they might get hurt.

But now, you won't notice any sign that they were delivered prematurely. So hyper active, smart and bubbly! They were able to memorize a lot of nursery rhymes already, recognize the alphabet and even the planets in the solar system (gosh..i was already in the 4th grade when i learned those things), elysia knows how to count to 100 and scieszka can now pronounce some of her words perfectly.

But then, when you get to leave your children with yaya or even lola and lolo, the kind of discipline that you want to teach becomes very difficult to achieve. My parents and i would even fight about what food should i give my children. They always insist that if they don't want to eat veggies, then don't force them to! And what happened? Elysia had an iron deficiency anemia and it needs to be treated for 3 months. They used to eat veggies when they were younger but now that they are growing up, they're starting to hate it. Is this my fault? If times are not as hard as today, I'd rather stay home and be with them so I can personally take care of them all the time. But then again, in these times of crisis, mom and dad both have to work to sustain the needs of the family.

So hard to be a working have to worry about the budget, the kids, the food, the rent, the bills, your work and even your underground economy (a.k.a - extra income hehehe)


hepatitis A vaccine - pedia vs HMO  

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Today was the scheduled hep a vaccine for my daughters. 'Twas actually more than a year ago but we failed since they have to take the more important shots.

And so, I sent a text message to their neo-natologist's secretary to check the price - 2500. Quite expensive I thought and to think, i have twins who will take the shot so the price will be twice as much! Then I dialed in our HMO's number to check their's - 1800. I will be able to save 1400 if we get the vaccine from them. So to cut the story short - we got it from the HMO, nice! I was able to save my precious 1400 - *wink wink*

Guess, I'm just starting to realize how to value my hard earned money.

thanks for the add  

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just want to thank some friends who added me to their links.

aline - the pics the pics....waheheh....
thea - thanks for the tips...will surely take it when i have my own domain name. =)
shai - i hope you'll recall your blog site soon...hahahaha!!!

sheeeessh..still feeling grumpy. i wonder if there will be a surprise today that will really make me daughter scieszka just woke up while i am writing this entry. she kissed me and said "i love you, anak"...yes, she calls me "anak" too! by the way, she's not my only daughter - i got twins - and elysia is the other one.. here they are...

here's another thank you to thea for teaching me scrapbooking =)