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Our little babies are growing up. i can still recall the days when they were just very tiny - as in. Both of them were only 3.3 lbs then. I can't even hold them properly 'coz I'm afraid they might get hurt.

But now, you won't notice any sign that they were delivered prematurely. So hyper active, smart and bubbly! They were able to memorize a lot of nursery rhymes already, recognize the alphabet and even the planets in the solar system (gosh..i was already in the 4th grade when i learned those things), elysia knows how to count to 100 and scieszka can now pronounce some of her words perfectly.

But then, when you get to leave your children with yaya or even lola and lolo, the kind of discipline that you want to teach becomes very difficult to achieve. My parents and i would even fight about what food should i give my children. They always insist that if they don't want to eat veggies, then don't force them to! And what happened? Elysia had an iron deficiency anemia and it needs to be treated for 3 months. They used to eat veggies when they were younger but now that they are growing up, they're starting to hate it. Is this my fault? If times are not as hard as today, I'd rather stay home and be with them so I can personally take care of them all the time. But then again, in these times of crisis, mom and dad both have to work to sustain the needs of the family.

So hard to be a working mom.....you have to worry about the budget, the kids, the food, the rent, the bills, your work and even your underground economy (a.k.a - extra income hehehe)


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