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savings can really do wonders to your financial stability.

though earning is tough and spending is easy, i say - saving money is much more difficult. sometimes, it is easier said than done. saving over spending is pretty much more challenging.

here are a few tips for mommies out there on how they can save a little:

  1. cut back unnecessary expenses - this could be unnecessary items in the grocery list, a new appliance that will not be used often, additional electronic appliance. check your daily expenditures and see what items can be removed from that list. you will be surprised that most of the items you frequently buy are really not necessary.

  2. create a grocery list and stick to it - when doing the grocery, prepare a list of i-need-to-buy-this list. these should contain all your home and living necessities only.

  3. cut back electricity bills - on cold weather, you may opt to open your windows instead of turning on your air conditioner. this can save you a lot on your monthly bills. check advices from your electric company on how you can cut your bills.

  4. teach your children to save early - saving should be an essential lesson in the family that the kids should learn early. this could bring them to good money handling habit in the future. teach the kids the importance of saving and that money is hard-earned and should be spent wisely.

  5. set your budget - be it on a weekly or monthly basis. of course, your budget should be reasonable enough.

  6. leave your credit cards at home - these cards should only be used for emergency purposes. leave them at home and pay in cash. overspending often comes from these cards.

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