rearranging life towards financial independence  

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the past few years have been very difficult for us- financially speaking and as time goes by, it seems it's getting more and more difficult.

this year we hope to get some improvements (thanks for the annual and promotion increase). and we also had to learn how to control our spending. even with the increase, we have to learn how to budget strictly. not that i am getting stringent on the finances but i don't want to suffer more. i want to be financially free...soon!

working towards the goal of being financially independent is hard but sure it is well worth it. the years you've spent saving your hard-earned money will eventually lead you to success and even more. however, this is a long term plan and one should really plan well for this. re-asses your financial status and see where you are right now and from there...make a move on how you can attain your goal.

i checked on our HDMF loan today (loan that has been left unpaid for a couple of years already) and to my surprise, it has been fully paid! pag-ibig has deducted our loans from our contributions. isn't it great?

hope SSS could do the same - well, thinking about impossible!


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