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Adgitize your web site.

It brought me traffic, yes it did. How about cash? Well, let's see in January. I joined late November so I haven't been able to get my first payment yet and I am so excited and looking forward to it. Most of my friends have already received their payments and all of them commented Adgitize real good. As for me, I can only talk about how grateful I am to adgitize for bringing me more readers. I have initially thought of posting this entry to blog avenue but unfortunately, I can't seem to make the ad space work (or wordpress probably isn't allowing it). Do you think I should already transfer that account to Blogger?

Anyway, going back to my Adgitize traffic, it was really wonderful to know that most of my readers came from the Adgitize network. I personally expected that most of them will just probably visit the site for the click rewards but to my surprise, most readers there even left comment and eventually became my online buddies . Some have already helped me with my concerns and others have been regularly visiting my site.

For us bloggers, these readers bring quality traffic to our blogs and I must say, Adgitize did well. Quality traffic contributes to our page rankings and I am still working and trying to achieve a higher page rank in the next few months - yes, I am not in hurry! If this continues, it will probably won't take long to achieve my goal. For now, I am just enjoying blogging and gaining friends - online.

How about you? Do you want to share the same experience? It's simple - join our Adgitize network and be one of us.

Adgitize - Get World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget

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whenever i visit a blog, i'm always make sure that I hit 2 birds with 1 stone. that is dropping their EC card and clicking on their Adgitize at the same time!

I just added Adgitize to a couple of my web sites. I'm also an Entrecard member, so I too, try to kill two birds with one stone.

So far, I'm very happy with Adgitize and may even purchase a round of advertising in January or February.

My blog is at

hi shari - thanks for visiting my site. let me know in january =)

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