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Adgitize your web site.

I was wondering how I can improve my page rank. Lately, I was checking out other blogs and I found out that despite lower Alexa ranking, they have attained PR2. As for me, still at 0 with a better Alexa ranking. I don't fully understand yet how it works but if someone here can explain it to me better, I would really appreciate it.

It was probably the reason why I don't get much tasks from paid blogging companies. I have enrolled into a couple already but still I was only able to get task from one and the rest don't give me tasks - thus, I can't profit much.

When I checked my PR, I asked the site administrator why it was still displaying N/A for it states several reasons there and one, is that the site is probably blocked! Oh no! But according to the admin, it was not and that it was probably still not indexed by Google. What does it mean to be indexed by Google? Guess I really have a lot more to learn *sob sob*

I am already starting to worry. Is my current Alexa ranking not enough to say I have enough readership? If so, then how can I improve it. With my current traffic, I already thought I got better but I still am not. And that disappoints me.

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Don't mope if your PR is 0. It takes time. How old is your blog. Some even takes a year to get to PR1. It depends. Page Rank, though I can't explain it thoroughly through their algorithms, as I understand is through linking. If other sites have been linking to you through inbound links--meaning they mentioned your posts or URL links in their sites, through a link (that when you click on it redirects to your site) Google ranks that. The more linking you have from other sites, the better for PR. If you do paid posts, make sure it's no-follow because paid posts can decrease PR. The way to go to make ur PR go high is quality content. I know , I see a lot of blogs with high PR w/ low traffic. But traffic is better to make money---the more people go to your site, the more chances of clicking those ads you have in your blog. PR is mostly used by paid post sites like PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, Blogsvertise, PayingPost, Payu2Blog, etc. Advertisers look for sites/blogs that have PR. But contextual ads and ads themselves don't really on PR such as Amazon, Syndigo, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Netklix, etc.--they rely more on high traffic. So don't worry, PR is not really that important unless you want to go for paid posts with high pay.
(How come you don't allow other URLs or other hosted sites other than Blogger to sign in to your comment section? Some people are turned off by this because their comments are not followed if they have a blog that is not by Blogger/Blogspot. )

Oh another thing, high traffic does not mean readership. W/ Entrecard and Adgitize now, people sometimes just drop cards and click your Adgitize ads to earn points. It means they are going to your site just to drop cards and never read your posts---it means bounce rate. W/ Entrecard, blogs with high traffic means also high bounce rate. But traffic is still traffic , so even if there's high bounce rate, it is counted as Alexa ranking. PR is not about traffic--it's about linking

I totally understand what ur saying, I'm in the same boat, can't win for losing! But, Bingkee posted very well and it makes sense, so try her advice, I know I will!



thanks so much for your explanation. i really really appreciate it.

yes, i want to have a high PR probably because i want more tasks for paid blogging. =)

i don't know that i don not allow other hosted sites to sign in the comment section. thanks for bringing this up. i will look into this.

@taripres - thanks for the visiting and commenting. please do visit often.

Bingkee is right. To get a high PR you need what they call back links. Also not just any type of back links. You need links with high PR themselves. Its is better to have 3 links that are PR 3 or 4 than to have ten links that are 1 or 0. Also if you have a lot of paid post Google kinda don't like that.

thanks bill. i really still am a newbie hahaha! it really pays to ask questions than pretend you know everything.

guess i'm just a little too excited for the PR thing =)

Linking isn't necessarily a big thing I don't think, its a trap. My 2 biggest blogs and have thousands of links according to LPC, and have < 500 realrank, and under 120,000 Alexa rank but both PR0. Both get >200 unique visits per day.

My has less than 10 visits per day, 0 backlinks on blogsearch, and has a PageRank of 4 for 6 months.

The difference? I have no disclosure and no paid posts on, and I have done paid posts on my 2 big blogs.

Paid Plogging will deflate your PR plain and simple, its a double edge sword, you need a high PR to get good paid posts, and yet doing paid posts kills your PR

really ironic. they require you to have high PR for them to give you more tasks and yet getting more paid posts affect your PR? aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhhh

I'm also wondering about the same thing! Although I'm totally clueless about the ranks, Alexa, and all those other terms I read here. But you got me with traffic and tasks. I only got 1 task from PayingPost and none from the others. :(

hi mara - we're on the same boat :(

The thing is ...yea the other guy could have a thousand backlinks but he has paid posts with "do-follow" so his PR is 0. You need to attach a "no-follow" to your page where the paid posts are because it will kill your PR rank. But I still insist on what I said before---backlinks and linking can make your PR raise---but is should beINBOUND links to your blog. WI don't know about that guy, maybe he's counting the OUTBOUND links too and because of his DO-FOLLOW posts, his blogs have zero PR. It's still true that linking to your URL raise your PR...I stand by that fact.
Why don't you register now for paid posts..there are tasks/opps for blogs that have zero PR but I think that's limited. I know because I know a lot of blogs with zero PR but has more paid posts than my blog.
Write more quality content which other bloggers can link you up with. Promote yourself by soliciting backlinks .

Hi Mye, got here from Ate Cecille.. Your blog is still young so you need to work on backlinks and gaining readership... got my PR when my blog was 3 months old. You also need to to submit your blog to be cached by google...

by the way, i am following your blog.. hope to see you around..

hi chubskulit...thanks for visiting =) so nice to have you reading my blog. by the way, what do you mean i need to submit my blog? to where?

it's very difficult to understand how's the google's algorithms work.

hi soerdjak - hahah, yeah, i think so...thanks for visiting my site and hope you'll come often.

thanks mye and thanks to everyone who made their comments. i'm new to blogging and this series of exchange has been very encouraging...thanks mye for being so open about your need for help

Well, my own blog has no PR and its Alexa ranking is in the millions. How's that - I'm on top of my Alexa millions. Nyahahaha. What gets to me though is when a day passes and nobody wants to leave a comment. Of course, there are days when I get lucky and I positively chirp in happiness. In person I'm quite a reserved chap, so at the very least in my blog and in the social media I try extra hard to be more social. Cause I love the interaction, the conversations via blogs and the internet. The thing, however, is that my blog is relatively young - barely a month old. So I will myself to take my blog's obscurity a little seriously...That is my take on the matter. In short, you're not alone. Cheer up, my new found friend.

@abby - thanks for visiting. yeah, usually rant for almost anything i feel is not working right. so i asked and a lot of people here responded positively - thanks everyone!

@jan - if your blog is only a month old, you did the right thing joining blog catalog. it helped my traffic a lot too, so is mybloglog. not to mention, traffic of my site (i think 65% of it at present) came from Adgitize. see my article - Traffic and Cash (on the side bar for you to understand. You can start there as publisher and affiliate for free. and by the way, for Alexa - the lower the number the higher your rank is so millions means we still got a long way to go =)

hope this helps too!

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