How Do You Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary?  

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How do couples celebrate their wedding anniversary? Most of what I have observed - going out to dinner together, watching a movie, an overseas trip or a cruise probably (whoa!). Well, hubby and I celebrated it with the kids! And the day was just as special as our wedding day.

It was our 4th wedding anniversary last December 18. It was supposedly not a day off from work but due to Elysia having abdominal pains and diarrhea, we went to see her pediatrician. After she was given medication, we headed to Tiendesitas and had lunch at the Buma Seafood Restaurant. It was similar to Dampa (minus the cooking charge) but with relatively few sea foods in their market. Lunch was great and hubby enjoyed his crab.

We then headed to the Ark Avilon Zoo and the kids really enjoyed their stay there. See some of their moments here.

Here, they enjoyed feeding the carps. And the fishes really enjoyed their meal. It looks like they were swarming here for food. Yum yum. My daughters requested for a second round and hubby gave in so he can take a few more shots while the kids are busy.

Still eager to meet real-life animals, the kids headed to the farm area to see the rabbits and actually barge into the feeding station so they can feed the animals themselves. Look here. Scieszka was simply letting the rabbits and the guinea pigs eat the carrots but Elysia, showing her compassionate side, went all the way to the rabbits resting in the corners and fed them. She felt as if the smaller rabbits can't actually fight for their bite so she went ahead and gave them some.

It was really tiring to constantly follow them the whole day. They keep on running and exploring the area. Smart kids, I must say. Of course, they are my kids! haha!

Then it was time to feed the hungry sheeps. They were actually crying. Yes, they were really really hungry that time. The caretaker though is sensitive enough to notice it (well, he should be).

3 vegetable stalks for 10 pesos - i should've brought my 5-peso worth of "kangkong" (is it allowed?)

Behind us is a wishing well, and yes, they even asked for coins to throw in. I am looking at this picture and I remember the day I discovered I was pregnant and now, here they are - sitting beside me, giving me joy and headache at the same time. But it was well worth it! Parenting is really a tough job.

With us is my sis-in-law (my bro's wife). She takes care of the kids while we are at the office =)

Oh and finally, our family picture. We almost forgot. Hubby is our official photographer so he's not always in the picture. We were able to have one. The kids are already exhausted though and Elysia is throwing her tantrums already so this is the best shot we got.

So there, 4th anniversary celebration with the kids. A bit more special for us for we were able to spend the day with our precious little angels.

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hi, i happened to see your blog and it looked like very nice and interesting. would you mind to link ex with me?

btw, you have a happy and lovely family here :-)

hi cecile - sure thing. i've added you to my blogroll =)

thanks for visiting my site. i have followed both your blogs.

Belated Happy Wedding seemed you enjoyed ur day together with ur kids. Wish you more blessed years to come. God Bless!

hi joyce..thanks so much for the greeting and for visiting my site. do come often and feel free to leave your comments.

we usually have dinner or out of town :)

@blissful weddings - thanks for visiting my site...i checked yours and it was really amazing. i am actually building a wedding blogsite but i haven't published it yet. im sure i will learn a lot from you. =)

happy family keep intouch .. have nice days

hi metropolis - thanks for visiting and for following my blog. please come often and feel free to leave your comments =)


how much did the entry into ark avilon cost? the other blogs that talk about it date back to 2007 and early 2008 so i'm not sure if that information is current.

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