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For moms like me, our children are the most precious gift God has given us. They are our joy, our source of strength and our inspiration to pursue more and achieve our goals.

I got married in December 2004 and a month after, I learned I was pregnant. Much to our surprise, I am having twins! A few months after and I gave birth to them at 30 weeks. Pre-term delivery, probably because I am a petite lady and my body can no longer stretch much??? (I really don't know). I gave birth to 2 little darling angels on the 4th of July year 2005.

1 month old

The first few months were a struggle for me, for I have to wake up almost every hour at night just so that I can give their milk on a 2-hour interval since they can only tolerate 2ml when we took them home (they stayed in the hospital for a month). Watching them grow little by little is like an achievement for us. From the tiny 3.3lbs growing up to 2.5kgs to 4kgs and now, 18kgs and 16kgs - it was really a success for me. You can never tell now that my kids were premature babies.

7 months old

They are well-loved, taken cared of (sometimes, even over than usual). Their newborn state made me thought that I have to give them extra care and that they should be protected from anything that could cause harm to them. I became an overprotective mom, all loving and as much as possible - understanding. As much as possible?

11 months old

Well, let me clear - I am understanding but my kids are really irking me to the highest level when they are quarreling. As far as I am concerned, I taught them the rules of sharing, of loving each other, of giving and almost all the things I know they should learn. But then, kids still have things to argue about. The tiniest move that the other will create could irritate the other. The toy that the other one wants to have is being handled by the other and she wouldn't want to lend it to her sister. And to top the list, they quarrel over mommy! And yes, it feels like I just want to vanish from their site for a moment so that I can elude the sound of their soprano like voices banging around the house.

now 3 years old

And what do I do when the kids quarrel? If I can still retain my composure, here are the things I do:

  • Talk to them and let them know that fighting is a bad thing (while they still can't talk back!) and that mom and dad doesn't want them fighting.
  • Tell each other to apologize and be sincere when saying "Sorry"
  • When fighting over a toy, I get the toy from them and let them realize that until they learn how to share, they can't have it again.
  • And when fighting over me, I get their dad - share your blessings! (lol)

Being a mom is really a tough job. Nurturing your kids isn't just a thing to do - it is a lifetime task, to continually teach them about life and all the things around them. And us moms, are just a wonderful gift to them just as they were to us.

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Ambilis ng panahon... Happy new year dear! Mwah

oo nga... happy new year din..i checked your site. i'm done with my daily task..you know what hahahaha

You have a very beautiful kids ate mye.. And you are doing the right thing sa pagpapalaki sa kanila.. Happy New Year! :)

hi bhing - happy new year to you and keep on visiting =)

Nice pictures of your twins
I agree on your ways you do when your kids had quarrel.

hi vlad - thanks for visiting and happy new year to you and your family =)

lol, ate mye! our kids have the same toys.. Winnie the Pooh bear and the toys in the 7 month pic. lol...

.. can't imagine myself having twins. my kid is a handful already. I salute you! Congratulations!

hi fedhz - really? hahaha. thanks for the visit.

When kids quarrel call their Dad. Hahaha. That's a nice one. Mommy, has a post to write, kids. :) Ingat po sa paputok, lalo na around your little ladies.

Hi Mye

Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and to let you know there is an award waiting for you. Details are on my site.

Congratulations and have a wonderful day!

@jan -i call their dad when they quarrel over me - so i can give the other kid for him to carry hehe...thanks for the reminder... we didn't buy firecrackers but we had fireworks bought from dragon fireworks =)

@lea - i sincerely thank you for the award. this is my first time. saw the details in your site. Happy New Year to your family =)

napalitan ko na ung link sa blog ko...:-)
happy new year....!!!

hi nino - thanks for dropping by and changing the old link...i love your blog... =)

WOW,beautiful twins.Have a great day!

hi aduu - thanks for visiting and commenting on my site.

i checked your site and you've got nice dogs on cover. i love dogs! =)

It's great to have a twin baby. I'm sure you must be a very happy mum.
Regards from me.

cute nila..
passing by here....

@rusliesophian - yep, i am very very happy having them. they are really my precious gifts.

@faye - thanks for dropping by. i visited your blog and found out you're in Germany. How's life there?

cute kids you have there. I can relate somehow as my two older kids acts as if they are twins (with all the fighting and the looks of a twin) and I do that most of the tie, take away the toy they are fighting over and give it back to them until they understand the meaning of sharing.

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