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Last night, as I was reading the last few comments made on my latest entry entitled "When Kids Quarrel...", I was so surprised to receive an award from Lea. She gave me the award for visiting her blog and commenting on her post. Just so you know, I do not personally know her but I frequently read her blog which is also included in my blog roll. Here's the award she gave me:

You Make My Day Award
from Lea - Ocean of Perspective

This is my very first time to receive an award from fellow blogger and I am very very happy to receive it. I exactly do not know how you give awards to fellow blogger but just so...I also want to share this to those who have visited my 4-month old blog and left a comment over the last 3 weeks. To the following, I hope you will come and make comments more often. Have a happy and prosperous 2009!!!

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Congratulations on your first blog award and thanks for sharing this with us.

Thanks for visiting my site. And more power to your blog :D

hi vlad

same goes for you..thank you for regularly checking on my site =)

Very cool! Congrats on the award!

hi Karlana - thank you so much. please do come often and feel free to leave your comments. =)

Congratulations Mye.

Now to my little speech because you share this award with me:

I'd like to thank the academy first and foremost. BlogCatalog - because I discovered you there. My dog Ditton who doesn't believe in blogging and can be counted upon to raise a racket every time I sit down to write a post - thank you nonetheless for steeling my blogging nerves. My inhospitable, skeptic of a desktop - for constantly staring me down, smirking every time I gasp for blog ideas. It doesn't matter to you at all that you're just a hand-me-down desktop,that someday you will be replaced with some shiny new thingamajig that blogging bought. Hehehe. And to Mye, I share this award with you. You're blog is an oasis to my frazzled nerves from too much blog-hopping. You're an inspiration. Bow. :)

Awww thanks Mye!
And congrats on the award. :) We better learn how to give awards just in case. :)

See you around!

nice one there, Jan!

thanks for appreciating it. continue blogging about the things you love to talk and brag about and you'll see...your blogs will come naturally


hi mara - thanks for visiting. please do come often and feel free to leave your comments

Mye, you don't have to post this comment. Just wanna ask you how to make the picture of commenters appear on blog comments. Mine is just an icon. When you have the time you may send your reply to my email:

Can I use the pic on my post - that's one irresistible picture kasi. Can I just save it on my hard drive? And then upload it?
Puede ba iyon? Or there is a better way?

I forgot pala to add you in my technorati fave. Sus. Naremedyuhan ko na po. Added your blog just now.

Thanks lots.

Wow, I'm in the award list...Thanks for it...Can't believe I'm could get an award by Blogging...

@jan - i sent you a message as requested =)

@ lob eng - you deserve it. thanks for visiting and commenting on my site

Thanks for this award and congrats to you!
And also congrats to your PR increase. Just remember don't stress about reaching a higher PR ..enjoy what you're doing unless the only reason you're blogging is to get a higher PR.

thanks for the very nice award, will post it now :-)

i am following your blog now and adding your link to mine, hope you do the same.

Hi Mye,
May I invite you to please join Filipinos Unite!!!. You may do so by commenting on my blog stating your name, address, name of blog and its url or by sending an email to containing the same set of information. Thank you very much. God bless.

Mye, my blog layout that you like is not a free layout, sorry, hope it is but if you want that layout, you can ask Carlota to make it for you. just leave a message to her blog:

mye, thanks a lot for the 'you make my day' award. it's my first ever award from a fellow blogger. gracias gracias!

I must say mye, the award looks very nice on your site.

Have a very happy new year!

Hi ate mye, I did not notice that you gave me an award, kung di ko pa tsinek every blog post ko, I won't know. I am using commentluv kasi, and i don't like it. I want to shift to my old template for my comments.

Anyway, thanks for the award te. Do I have to share it with others as well? or depends on me?


congratulations to you too! actually before i blog for a high PR but it really stressed me out so now i am blogging just about the things i love. reason why i created thank you and God Bless!


sure thing. i have followed your blog a couple of days ago already =). will contact carlota and ask if she can make a nice site for my wedding site. how much does she charge?


sure thing. i will


it was a well deserved-award. congrats!


haha. i noticed it now also. thanks for that!


it is better that you share the award to others - like what lea and i did =) and if your uncomfortable with your template, change it to the one you're comfortable with =)

Congrats to everyone!

Hello, Mommy Mye!

Wow! I'm so touched! Congrats on your award! I do hope that I will receive one too. ^^

Jan is so cool! I would like to thank also adgitize because I found your site thru it. And yah, I don't know how to include a pic here. I'm using gravatar.

Mara is also a good friend ^^. I haven't been posting the last few weeks, yet I got a PR. I wonder how?... hmm. Anyway, congrats on your PR too!

hi fedhz - thanks for the visit. i gave you the same award. it is up to you if you want to keep it for yourself or share it with others.

by the way, the pic in the comment is just in the settings. check your dashboard>settings>comment and select display image profile - you'll find it there..hope this helps

hi, thanks also for visiting my site :) more power.

thanks thanks for dropping by... =)

sunday visit here :-) have a great week!

Thank you for giving me this award, I have to admin it is the cutest award picture of all that I have received so far.

thanks a lot Mye, pardon me if I just visited, been busy for a couple of days trying to clear up the house from last years kalat hehehe...

I am grabbing the award now... I have one for you too here. Please grab it when you have time...

Hi again, Mommy Mye!

I have posted your pic in my recent blog entry, hope it's ok with you. lol

What do you mean from my dashboard? From blogger dashboard? I'm not using my blogger account here so I don't know how to put a pic. Anyway, doesn't matter much.

Thanks again for the award. I posted it also in the blog entry but added my name to it. It's all mine now! lol

thanks for visiting today. =)

@dragon blogger
im flattered you liked it. thanks for visiting

thanks also. i left a comment on your blog. i don't know which one to grab =) joke!

you have a nice site and a nice PR too! thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. please do come often =)

i really really appreciate that post! thank you so so much!

it's been a while since i last visit this lovely blog. and thank you for the award. it's a honour for me. I'll reply as soon as possible your kindest.

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