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Finally, after 4 months, Blog Appetite is now Page Rank 1!

Well, some of you might wonder why I am so happy with it. I actually started a couple of months ago and I have been aiming for a high PR to get more tasks from paid blogging company so I can profit from my blog. But maintaining your page and getting readers to read your blog and stay on the site for some time is just so stressful. I even ranted last month about getting an improved Alexa ranking and yet I still got a PR0. I was not so happy with the turn around of the blog traffic and the readership. Nevertheless, I kept making online friends.
Since I have been carried away with blogging and I already got the hang of it, I kept on creating posts that are point of interests and not only for the sake of getting a high PR as it just don't come naturally. And to think, I even got more readers to read my posts and even leave comments. I have also observed that readers have enjoyed reading my posts for I got positive reviews in Blog Catalog - thanks guys!

And just as I was reading other friends' post about getting their page rank improved, I was saddened because the widget I placed in my blog still displays PR0. I happened to just check if my rank has improved - just for the sake of checking (you know....kinda hoping) and to my surprise, I got a PR1 - yosha!!! I was so happy I even told hubby about it.
Good traffic, improved PR and a couple of new online buddies - it is just a great way to start the year 2009. Way to go Blog Appetite! I also would like to thank everyone who have visited my site over the last months and those who have left comments to my posts. Your reads made my PR improved.
Now, to show my gratitude, I will also visit the site and leave a comment to those who will leave a comment to this post.
Thanks everyone!

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wah...selamat dech atas pageranknya... mau nambah pageranknya? tukeran link yuk dengan blogku... :)

It's showing now that your PR is 1. Don't be too stressed about your PR...just keep writing good unique entries /posts that you think entertain your readers. Also getting a lot of paid posts with external links are not good if you have a do-follow tag . This will make your PR decrease.

I agree with Bingkee.. Mr G is so good for a start but beware, once you started getting paid posts.. all of a sudden your PR will be back to happened too many times to a lot of blogger friends.

So enjoy while you still have ur PR1 , Mr G is unpredictable.. at least he is generous this time. I've got PR3 for my 2 blogs.

Btw, I blog hop from Cecile's site.. hope we can be blogger friends too.

One tip, keep on leaving comments on the post entries. it will increase your PR (that's my secret, I guess).

Good Luck!!

Congratulations Mye! just do what you always love to do...that is, keep on blogging. ;)

at your Service!

Congratz on the PR!!

As has been mentioned don't stress about it, and just write good content.

If you do write paid reviews try and 'no-follow' as many links as possible, so not to get penalised.

To build your PR further try commenting on 'dofollow' blogs etc for some nice links

thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment.

i can't access your site when i click your name. i think the URL in your profile is incorrect - i accessed it via my blog roll =)

you have nice sites. thanks for hopping to my blog. i followed one of your blogs =)

thank you for always reading my posts and for helping me in my tech problems. nice to have online buddies like you.

wishing you good luck on the contest. hope you'll win. =)


just try to keep update your blog to increase the google's rangk

congrats my friend i am glad to see that you have pr1 now. before you know it then you will have pr2. just keep up the good work. Have a great one.

hi soerdjak - thanks for visiting blog appetite. do come often and feel free to leave your comments

hi bill - yeah, finally! thanks for all your advices and hope you do come often and read my posts. did you see the award i gave you the other day?

Wow good job! I recently saw my blog got PR1 too and I'm happy although I don't really get what it means. Haha! :)

thanks mara - why i worked hard on it before is primarily because i wanted more tasks from paid blogging companies so i can earn from blogging but it is no longer my priority now. i blog about the things i like and that's it. =)

Ate Mye, Congratulations!

I am surprised with PR as well.. I did not expect it because I thought all along that it is still 0. When I checked yesterday, it's already PR 2 for my two blogs and my other blog is PR 1. :) Congrats to the both of us.. LOL

Congrats on your PR1. Have a good year ahead.

wow! congratulations! keep it up

thanks for dropping by today. =)

Congratz Mye! Keep it up! I'm glad that you finally achieved a PR! I've read on your previous posts how are you quite disappointed with your PR. Well here it is! Rewarded for your efforts!

God Bless!

hi jed - thank you and thanks also for dropping by.

That's great news! My blog is brand new so I have no expectations as of yet; however, I also have a website that I started 9 months ago and it is finally PR2. Definitely keep adding content, content, content and you will see that PR slowly climb.

thanks for dropping by. you actually have a nice blog. keep it up =)

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