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I have actually been wanting to tell everyone about my plans of acquiring another domain that will be dedicated about home and parenting topics only but I have just completed the transaction last weekend.

What's causing further delay? I can't decide on the theme. I have contacted 2 designers already (Carlota and Gisele). Unfortunately, Gis is currently not accepting job anymore for she is very busy so I am just waiting if Carlota can somehow tweak the design for me to make it a 3-column one.

The domain is now up and running but there is just the introductory entry that I used for testing. I am not happy with the results and so I have to wait for the design.

So what happens to Blog Appetite? Of course I will not leave it behind. This is my first blog and I love it so I will still be updating this blog on a regular basis. However, the home and parenting topics will now be posted on the other blog. I want this one to be my personal blog. My adventures, misfortunes, luck and mommy moments will be my topics here. Guess the other blog will be serious, eh.

I will soon announce the site name once the design is final. So I am pleading (yeah, pleading) that you follow me and read my other blogs as well. Hope you could treat my new blog the same way you did to Blog Appetite.

Thanks in advance ^_^

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Good luck on your upcoming blog and hope to visit it soon :D

Btw, will it be on Blogspot or in Wordpress?

good luck on this one sis! I also like Gisel's works..

Make or Break

i had a self-hosted wordpress blog for the new one...but i am still retaining this one in blogger since i see no issues on this yet ^_^ surely i will announce the new site soon

yeah, i actually know her from your blog layout hehe...her designs are just perfect for me! hehehe

Wow congrats and good luck Mye!! :)

Mye, we can always be bribed to follow you. Just to let you know. hahaha. Good luck with the move.

thanks. i hope you are ok now ^_^

thank you. i have been wondering if it would be nice to move blog appetite to WP too! hahaha!

You should consult dhemz, she's pretty good with that.. she only charge 10 bucks each job

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