[updated] Blog Appetite is Moving (has moved) to Wordpress  

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Just an update on this post - I have successfully migrated to Wordpress. Please do visit me there! ^_^

I thought I wouldn't change my mind on moving this blog. However, there are very limited things you can do with blogger. I understand this has been very helpful for me but as I move on to the serious side of blogging, I have noticed that I need to have more. And for that reason, I am moving, besides my new domain is another self-hosted wordpress.

Yes, I am moving www.blogappetite.com to a self-hosted wordpress blog using the same domain. Discussions are ongoing with my admin and I hope it will work in the next few hours.

I will not change the theme. I will retain this beautiful notepad theme but I will be removing unnecessary widgets. I wanted to have a clean blog for now. ^_^

Please please please update you link to www.blogappetite.com and to my blogger followers, I want to exchange links with you so I can include you all in my blog roll. I hope you will continue to read my blogs.

And one more thing, my new blog is now up and running but there are no contents yet. It is entitled Home and Parenting with domain http://homeandparenting.com.
I hope to see you there too!

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I will surely see you to your wordpress site.

Hi Mye,

Sorry for my very late response. I was so busy this past weeks and doing field work most of the time I hardly check my blog, just my mails ;) Yes, I used to work at oDesk and most of the employers that hired me were from oDesk. All you have to do is to pass the oDesk readiness test. It's just a simple test . Most of the questions where derived from FAQ, TOS and services of oDesk. After passing this test, Fill up your resume, portfolio and take other tests. Be sure that it reached 100% then you can begin to search for a job. Just go for the type of work which fits your skills.

Orie from oDesk had left a comment in my previous post. I guess it would help if you will read it. Please visit this link: pinaykeypoint.wordpress.com/2008/09/09/working-earning-online/

If you still have other concerns regarding oDesk, just email me at pinaykeypoint@yahoo.com as I always check this account everyday.

Thanks and goodluck!


Congratz for your successful transfer. I will visit you there.

awww...ano url ng new wordpress blog mo po?

You went to wordpress and i went back to blogger. I found i did not need to have wordpress. I hope you like it and will update you on my list.

Buti naman at naisipan mo ng lumipat sa wordpress..hehehe..goodluck sayo at happy blogging...

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