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When I resigned from my previous job, I started searching online for home-based jobs so I can help my husband, financially wise while I am at home taking care of the kids. Unfortunately, back then, I can't find a home-based job like freelance writing, designing, transcriptions, etc. I am unsure if I have just not done my best searching but really, I found nothing. That was 3 years ago.

Last week, while trying to read blogs and downloading a scrap kit, I happened to see a forum discussing about freelance writing and things like online money making. I got caught in the writing opportunity. My writing might not be in good comparison as to the works of our good friends in the blogosphere but you know, I am still interested to do it.

In short, I registered. And the good thing, registration is free. And as I go on, I keep on finding different sites offering freelance services and giving projects to freelancers. I was amazed by how many are they that I even asked myself - "Why didn't I get the chance to see these opportunities when I have the luxury of time to work from home before?"

Oh well, I've learned about a couple more sites (I hope they are all legal). One thing for sure, I did not spend a penny to register - which made me think, these are not scams - I pray they aren't.

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Try http://odesk.com
I am a member/employer for this job site and although I'm new there, I'm now swamped with so much jobs to apply for. I have a blogger/friend Juliet (http://pinaykeypoint.wordpress.com) who has been a consistent worker for this freelance online writing jobs. She was the one who recommended me this site.
Or if you really love writing, try Helium.com

hi mye! i'm interested to know where u signed up. maybe i could try too. it's good to know there are opportunities like these. i'm currently monetizing my blog but i'd welcome more writing opps from somewhere else too. i'll be back here to see if you have updates.
to bingkee, thanks also for the info.
pls visit my site if u have time, ok?=)

yeah..i've enrolled in odesk too...will contact Juliet so i can ask her for some tips :)

thanks for dropping by. sure thing, when i have enough experience, i will surely post it here...^_^

We all can use additional online income. Mye, maybe you can make a post of your experience with them if that doesn't violate any terms of agreement with them. I find this interesting. Maybe I should cut down on twitter and other online pursuits and be productive for a change. hehehe.

hi jan - you'll make a good writer...surely, i will post it here. thanks!

hi mye, i was bloghopping via EC - i found ur site...

i am thinking of quitting my job to dedicate time to our son (6months)

but i'll be needing an extra income also to help my hubby somehow.

as of now - i am searching some online jobs so i can be with my son.

i registered at odesk.com but haven't started hehhehe also to some PTC's

i'll keep coming back here to get some ideas...happy blogging

hi vhonnjeng - you're right. during hard time, couples should really help each other (at least). i will post more of my experience here when i already have some...for now...waiting ^_^

Hi.. i will be a constant visitor from now on.. anyway. I hope you will make it big on writing.. share mo sa amin pag nabayaran ka na :)

Make or Break

hi pehpot - sure thing...i need to get jobs first so for now, i really can say nothing much. ^_^

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