Gratitude to My Top Dropper  

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When I started this blog, I never thought I'd gain readers nor friends from the blogosphere and around the world. But fortunately, I did. Not just friends but I gained fairly good traffic, too! I started introducing my blog in MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog. Then as I read on other blogs, I slowly learned that there are a lot more social networking sites available for me to publish my blog and gain traffic. One them in Entrecard. I no longer remember how I've known the site but one thing for sure, it brought me even more readers and that I really really am thankful that I have learned about it.

I would like to particularly thank a reader, a fellow blogger and a writer for being my Number One Dropper for 3 consecutive months. With that dedication and passion for reading and dropping cards, I am writing this post to show my gratitude to her. This isn't a paid post, just so all of you would know. This is the only way I can to show how thankful I am.

To Bingkee of I Love/Hate America - please accept this humble message. I am also posting your site's logo on my side bar for 1 month. I hope you will never get tired of visiting Blog Appetite.

Thank You!

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I'm also thinking of the same, at mye... I would like to feature an avid "visitor" in my blog post and put a banner on my site for a week/month.. parang featured blogger for a week.

@bingkee: congrats! thanks for visiting my blog too.

Gratitude goes a long way. This is a distant love for bloggers. May we do it more often.

This came as a surprise to me. I feel flattered and grateful for your gesture. I try to drop by at my friend's blogs and because I consider you as a friend and most of all, enjoy your posts, I drop by here.
God bless you much and just be yourself when you write if you want to improve your writing ----as you told me you wanted to. And also , read a lot of books by different authors.

you can do it, too. to show our readers how thankful we are that they are reading our posts.

thank you for dropping by. for sure i will do this often ^_^

thank you for the kind words and for enjoying my posts. i love your comments too! just as truthful as you. i will scouting on the books of the authors you mentioned ^_^
thanks for visiting as always.

That's a lovely gesture, Mye. And Bingkee deserves it without doubt.
She's candid, she's helpful, and she really takes time to read one's post when she visits. That thoroughness shows on the quality of her comments.

hi jan - i totally agree with you. that's why i can't help but post this ^_^. bingkee deserved it.

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