Top 10 EC Droppers for February 2009  

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Once again, it's the beginning of a new month and though I have not been productive as a blogger last month, I still want to thank those who regularly visit my blog, drop ECards and leave comments.

Below are my top 10 EC droppers for February

  1. I Love/Hate America - Bingkee, has been my top dropper for 3 consecutive months now. I really love her as a writer. Appreciate your regular visits and comments, my dear friend. Hope I could learn some writing tips from you. Been wanting to be a freelance writer myself. ^_^
  2. Forced Green - I've known the blog thru Adgitize and since we're both advertisers, I can say we both are regularly visitors of each others' site (except last month when I was away on family matters)
  3. Orient Lodge - Aldon Haye's has always been in my top 10 since over the last 3 months as well. A blog I've also known thru Adgitize.
  4. Mature Not Senile - Jude, is also another advertiser in Adgitize. I always spend a couple of minutes reading her blog since I joined because her personal blog is interesting.
  5. Robin's Nest - Robin, like me, is also a scapper. But the difference, she is a paper scrapper and her creations are just brilliant. I can't imagine myself spending much to buy materials for a paper scrap so I ended up with digital scrapping.
  6. Digital Polaroids - Another Adgitize advertiser and a Photographer by profession. His blog tackles articles about photography and photo editing as well.
  7. Raging Rev - Another blogger who is constantly in my top 10 over the last 3months. His blog mainly discusses matters about Christianism and Atheists.
  8. Daily Post 777 - First time in my top 10 but I like the blog. It is about clothing and fashion. Check it out.
  9. Blog De Manila - Pinoy blogger with a kind heart and always ready to lend a helping hand to fellow bloggers who needs his expertise. Thanks, Eric.
  10. Red Head Ranting - An Adgitize advertiser who likes to rant online. Her articles are really interesting.

Words aren't enough to say how grateful I am.

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Oh man! I didn't make it to your list? Ha! What do I expect, I haven't been visiting a lot of blogs lately. I'll try and make it up! :)

Congrats to the top dropepers! I know I won't make this list anywhere. I can't even make it as a top dropper from one of my sites to the other. *sigh* ;)

WOW! I want to thank you for such kind words about my scrapbook pages. I have to admit that your digital work is very inspirational to me....Have a fabulous week

I'm glad I made it to your list again. Yipee!
Thanks so much for the compliment. I don't have a secret tip but they say writing can be developed and learned. Just keep writing, develop a style of your own. Also read a lot of books that are written by great writers. I love reading classical lit. and works of Gabriel G. Marquez, Harlan Coben, James Patterson, and Janet Evanovich. Also read a lot of materials---magazines, comic books, brochures, etc.
Then be true to yourself. Be natural not write because you want people to agree with you or people like you. Just be yourself.

Wow, I actually made someones list. I've seen quite a few of the same names on every blog I've visited now that's what I call dedication. Have a happy week.

@mara - relax, i barely had time to visit blogs last month too. there are really times like that.

it's ok. entrecard still gives you credit when other drop you ecards. but if you have time, you can return the favor to your droppers as well. thanks for the visit.

thank you for the kind words, too. hope you could make it to my top next month ^_^

yey! you're the top dropper again...thanks so much! i will take note of the authors you mentioned and will keep your advice in mind.

yeah, others are really dedicated to drop ECs. But I'm glad you made it to my top 10. thank you for always visiting.

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