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Thanks to all who have visited my blog last week and for all your concern. This is just another quick note though because I can no longer concentrate on what I should write at this point.

Anyway, tomorrow is my schedule for Endoscopy. I have underwent the same procedure a couple of years ago and the result was gastric ulcer. Am quite unsure about the outcome this time but I do pray it is nothing to be scared about.

Just this. Please do visit in the next couple of days for I still have some good posts up my sleeves.

Good day everyone!

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You will be okay. The good thing is that you're paying attention to your health by consulting with a doctor...But what is endoscopy - I'm sure that will be an interesting post if you don't mind writing about it. :)

Hi, Ate Mye!

I didn't know it was this serious when you told me about your peptic disease when we're chatting.

I also was admitted in the hospital last July because of my UTI. They also found a very tiny myopia in my ovary, but that can be washed out. I have read about endoscopy since my obgyne was suspecting that before when I was complaining pain in my lower abdomen. But they didn't find anything in my tummy.. only in my kidneys. So when I was confined, I was diagnosed for cystisis? Oh, I forgot what they called it. Anyway, I hate hospitals, and I hate being away from my kid. I hope everything will be okay with you and your hubby.

yes, actually i always do. that's what makes me and my husband opposite. he hates checkups. sure thing. i write about my endoscopy adventure. ^_^

it's good to know you have nothing to worry about your health. anyways, just got home and i read yours and jan's message and i am ok. i can still be cured with medication and the good part is, no hospitalization needed. yey!

Oh I'm sorry!! Hang in there! 2008 was a bad year for me, only following up a 2007 full of tests. I hope it all works out alright.

hi grandy - thanks for visiting. i am ok now...especially when i heard i don't need to stay in the take care always ^_^

Wish everything will be OK for you. Take care ya.
See you around.

Good! ^^,

I wasn't able to blog hop the last few days.. our router died. lol

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