This Will Be Quick!  

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Yes, it will be...for I am in pain while writing this post.

Last Tuesday, I was rushed to ER due to abdominal pains and I was observed for a couple of hours and was then released. It was Acid Peptic Disease which can lead to Ulcer if not treated early. I have a history of gastric ulcer (a couple of years ago)

So there. Just yesterday, I was again at the ER for another round of abdominal pain now accompanied with headache and guess what, my husband is also in ER due to headache and dizziness (thought he's got high blood). We were both released by evening.

And now, my tummy is going crazy again and I don't know what is happening anymore, if only they'd advise me to get admitted, I will be more comfortable. Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh! I have taken my medication and still I feel this way.

Hope this goes away soon...sigh...

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Take it easy, Mye. You wear too many hats, I guess. Well, leave some of the less important ones at the hat rack. It's good to plow through life with all cylinders working, but we have to make sure health is still our priority. Without it, all our achievements are less enjoyable. Do get well.

Perhaps you need different medication. One medicine doesn't work for everyone and there are several available to choose from. Talk to your family doctor about it.

I hope you're feeling better soon. I hope you have a good weekend.

I hope that's nothing too serious! Get well soon.
Btw, thanks for the award. :) will get to it as soon as I can. thanks!

i think you are right. and now i worry too much about almost every thing. well, i've got tons of things to think about too hehe..thank you for your advice and for your care

i will definitely take your advice. will be visiting my gastroenterologist this coming week. thank you for visiting

glad you liked it. well, i also hope it's nothing serious. thanks a lot ^_^

I also have an ulcer and I should say it's not really that good.. whew! The pain and all that.. Not really good.. I am hoping na okay ka na ngayon te mye..

I hope that everything will be fine. Just make sure that you will visit your doctor and follow his advice. Take care and thanks for encouragement.

once again..congratulations for the first adsense paycheck! nice job!

thanks for your advice and hope you'll recover soon too. just keep on praying. thanks for visiting. ^_^

Oh no, hope you are feeling better now Mye!

thanks for your concern. really appreciate it.

that is exactly my problem, i can't take much time to rest working in the office and still working at home...anyway, i will surely find some time. thank you very much.

thank you. appreciate your concern and your visit as well. ^_^

Don't worry too much may aggravate the problem. Instead take it easy and lots of rest....pray and I also pray you get well soon.
About worrying too much--that's not good . It means it's lack of faith in the faithfulness, love and provisions of God.

hi bingkee - thanks for that wonderful advice and thanks for always visiting here. ^_^

That was a funny clip of shopaholic.
Thanks for the laugh.

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