Sisters, Bestfriends and A Lemonade!  

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This really is the year when I met a lot of new online buddies, sisters and couple more friends who really are sincere in regularly visiting my blogs and giving me tags and awards. I apologize if I haven't post it yet but here I am, now showing off and letting other people know that though my PR is not good, I have a lot of good friends to share and dedicate my blog.

First, let me get this Triple Awards from Cecile of Small and Simple Things. Cecile is also a mom and lives in the United States but still has a couple of Filipina friends on the web. Thank you for giving me this award.

Now, for the rules:
  1. Put the logo on your blog or post
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude
  3. Be sure to link your nominees within your post
  4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received this award
It's passing time once again, so here goes:

Bhing - A Daily Dose of Anything
Shari - Shari's Gone Country
Shasha - Ako...I...IO
Bingkee - I Love/Hate America
Umma - Happy Moments...Happy Thoughts
Lea - Ocean of Perspectives
Thea - Bloggerhappy
Aline - Memoirs of Aline
Emm - Emm in London (thanks for following my blog ^_^)
Mara - Mara's Personal Bubble

On to the next one, I have seen this award a couple of times from other bloggers and I thought it was also good to receive one and then it came! Thank you very much Bhing of Your Daily Dose of Anything for giving this to me and for always calling me "Ate".

Now, there is only 1 person I can pass this award on to since most of you have already grabbed some and I hope you'll enjoy and share it too!

So there! New awards for and that makes 5 for January 2009! Thanks to all of you who appreciate my blog and to those I still haven't given an award. Surely, I will be the one to start it on your blog...Just you wait!

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Hi, Mye :-) Thanks for accepting the tag/award and for posting it as well :-). It was really to meet such a nice friend like you online. I also appreciate your visit every time'though I know you are such a busy, Mom!

Wow! Thanks, mommy! I was about to comment on your last post (trantrums) but I got dc. lol.. anyway, thanks again! I'm touched. I'm also glad to have found you. ^^

It's also coincidence that I am now ready to share the (you make my day) award you've given me. lol

Salamuch ulit myrilita... Uhmmm sama ko sa current post nalang...hehehe! Mwah

Thanks for this is really a pleasure to meet you here and regard you as my friend.

Congratulations on your awards :)

I'm so honored you thought of me in your list of people to pass it on to. Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful day!

thanks so much for that ^_^ i love your recipes kasi. i want to try some, really!

hahaha that happens to me a lot - getting dc lol. glad you liked it.

hahaha...madaya hehe. papahirapan sana kita eh. hehe

it was really a pleasure to meet you here and thanks for being my friend ^_^

of course! how can i forget to very first person to give me an award ^_^ thank you...

hi thea - thanks for visiting. and thank you for teaching me how to do the blog thing... ^_^

thanks mye for nominating my blog!

hi shasha - thanks for dropping by and i hope you'll like it. ^_^

Oh, you're fast becoming the Vilma Santos of blogging already. Multi-awarded, well-liked, and if I know you're on your way to becoming a governor. :) Congratulations, Mye. To refresh your memory I was already a recipient of one of your awards early January. So that means I'm safely out of the running huh? Promise? Hehehe. Thanks for dropping by and donating a little blood on my blog.

Hi Mye,, thanks so much for the thoughts.. just like you. I met so much friends over here and Im so glad you are one of them.

Hi ate mye.. I am better now! Thanks sa concern huh :) I appreciate it so much.. Thank you din sa award.. I will be posting it for sure..

Hi Mye, you desrve to be awarded, congrats!

By the way, did you submit your url to google cache? Please get back to me if you have questions regarding this, i can give you the link where to do it.. This will make your blog crawl if you havent done it yet..

And yet another award is waiting for you at my home..

When you pick up your award from Misty, go drive a truck and make a detour to my blog. Because I have an award for you. You may have got it already. But I don't care. It's for you and six other bloggers who don't know what's coming to them. Hehehe. Now we're even. :)

hi there...thanks for visiting and for always praising my awards hehe...really appreciate that honest scrap award. guess i'll be blogging on more awards in the coming days..thanks again.

yeah, i actually thank you also for being such as friend and thanks for the regular visit

i am happy you are well now. take good care of yourself always ^_^

nope, i haven't submitted my blog yet. please give me the link *wink wink* thanks for helping me ^_^

thank you. the treasured friends forever award is such a surprise! thanks thanks thanks!

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