Do You Shop 'Til You Drop?  

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Done with my endoscopy today and here I am, blogging as always. Because good news is...I don't need to stay in the hospital, yey!

While I was at home for the last couple of days trying to recover from my tummy tantrums (hahaha!), I happened to finished reading the book "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. I've actually heard about it a couple of years ago but I only had the chance to read it this month. It was really fun and hilarious! I just can't help wondering if it would be so nice to live in London and be up to date with the latest fashion. Hmmm...

As a woman, we always want to look good and most of us would always cram inside the mall whenever there is a sale. While checking on some site, I came across this online UK clothes shop. One of the fastest growing UK online clothing store, Divine Trash offers some of the very best high fashion brands.

I've checked the site myself and there are a couple of nice women's tops and long shits that are really tempting. They've even got a men's line. They've got some nice shirts by Fenchurch. They even have jackets and shirts by French Connection, jeans by Jack and Jones and Fly 53 clothing.

Anyway, back to the shopaholic thing. I can relate a little. Why only a little? Well, I don't go for all that signatured clothes and I don't have such huge debt from banks (I had a bit though). I was really really happy when I was finally able to pay it off. I will never ever hear an agent calling home again. Yes, those disgusting agents who feels like you owe them 400K when it is only 40K (something like that). The threats, the attitude and everything. Well, to be fair, they are not bank agents. Bank account managers are more considerate and they don't yell at their customers. The agents I am talking about here are the agents from all these collections agency who are dying to get a collection to get their commissions.

Oh, by the way, the book has now become a movie. And here, watch the trailer and enjoy. I am definitely going to watch this!

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I don't like to watch this because it's based on a chick-lit novel. I don't like chick-lit coz I think it's so shallow. It's like reading comics, only with no illustrations. Plus I don't like Isla Fisher's acting.
I love watching suspense thrillers and horror movies instead..hehehehe!
Good to hear that you don't need to stay in the hospital. Just relax...and chill out.

Mye...hope I did not offend you with my comment above. That is only me---my opinion about this movie---nothing against you watching it or your desire to watch it. I am sorry. If you want, you could delete the comment above.

I love Isla Fisher! I would watch this just for her!!

Glad you didn't have to stay in hospital.

hi there...nothing to worry about. we have different opinions and i appreciate your comment. ^_^

we are probably opposites coz i don't watch horror movies in cinemas (i can on dvds though) hehe...but i do watch suspense thrillers.

and would you believe, i like chick-lit novels for it gives me a feeling that life can still be light and not always as tough as i thought.

thank you very much for your comment, bingkee. ^_^

thanks visiting and for your concern. hey, im glad you already posted the triple awards ^_^

@Mye: I don't like chick-kit based movies too. In fact, I don't like paying for movies when I can very well wait them to be aired on cable. Hahaha. Kuripot noh. I'm glad you're doing well na.

hi jan - for sure you won't hahaha...thanks for your concern.

hi mye, glad to know you're okay now.. when you feel better, i have a tag for you here

hi rose - thank you for another tag and thanks for your concern.^_^

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