Work and Rest - How?  

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Why am I not around for a couple of days?

Work it is! Yes, I was tied up with work over the last few days and I can no longer stay up very late to blog and blog hop. I am very very tired. I can't sleep properly and whenever I wake up, I already feel tired. There are times when I have to wake up in the middle of sleep to attend a call. Sometimes, even as I was just about to take a bath in the morning, my phone will ring and there is work. While riding a cab to work, phone will ring and then, I have to work even on my way to the office. Quite tiring? I will be a hypocrite if I say it's not. Truth is, I am already very very tired.

But ain't I still lucky I have work? Definitely I am. For there have been a couple of recessions from other companies and a lot of moms like me have lost their jobs. I should be thankful I still have work.
But I am, yes, I am thankful...It's just...I am tired and I feel exhausted and I just want a break.
Maybe a 1month vacation? It's nice but I thought tmy project won't allow it. Sheeesh! I am on a one-man team, you know! Believe it....or not.

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TGIF, hopefully you don't work on the weekend and you can get some much needed rest.

I have no worked in over a year, started blogging about 6 months ago and I am tired. you must be superwoman if you are just now getting tired. Nice blog by the way.

@ jude
thanks for the visit. actually, i am on-call 24hours a day 365 days a week. i always get to work whenever my phone will ring ^_^

i am thankful you like my blog. really appreciate the visit. i am actually not yet a superwoman but an aspiring one. i hope i can do everything that i have to do, unfortunately, i tend to get sick when i am loaded with work. ^_^

Hi Mye,

I can totally relate to your post since I am also working.

I hope that you can find time to chill out and relax ;)

Good thing, I'm over with the "working by the clock". What is exactly your job? Why on call? Events? I used to work in an event organization firm for 5 years and it's quite tedious yet exciting. We organized special events such as fashion shows, promotional campaigns, launching parties, musical concerts, trade fairs, etc. I had lots of perks and the people I worked with are as fun and creative as I am, so work was not really like work--it was fun. After each event, we're given 7 days paid leave to recharge because each event we worked with, was like working 15 hrs. each day 6 days a week for 3 months. We were just given a timeline to beat but no definite time to start and end working. That was in the Philippines.
Right now , I'm working at home doing freelance writing .
Happy Valentine's Day pala!

you need a rest ,too and hopefuly you can get vacation you have been wanting :-)

just want to say have a nice day!

thank you and i hope you, too will find some time to relax and be with your family.

i work as the lone infrastructure support for the project i am in right now. i deal with network connectivity and the like and whenever there are problems, i will be work ^_^

thank you and i hope i will be able to get it soon...

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