Tinee's Bridal Shower Party  

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I am getting so forgetful. I have totally forgotten to blog about Tinee's shower! Friend, here it is now, I am very sorry for the long delay.

Actually, the shower was held last November, a couple of days before their Big day. That day became more like a reunion for all of us. The bride, was our good friend and officemate before she left for Singapore to pursue her career. It was sad she left the company but we were very happy for her because she'll be able to fulfill her dreams. She is now successfully working and presently living in Singapore. That is why, this became more like a gathering than a shower.

bride (in the middle) with us, her friends

The party was hosted by the bride's best friend and maid of honor. Well, I can't go into the detail of what happpened during the night but we surely all had fun! Drinks, food and party games are all over the venue.

When we are about to give the bride some tips and advice about married life, parenting and the like - we all suddenly became serious. For all we know, getting married is not simple and we all have to be prepared for it.

We also prepared some nice gifts for the bride. Other guests gave her books and mementos. Well, we've prepared a sexy lingerie for her! She's not getting any younger and we hope for her to have kids soon!

To my good friend, congratulations to you. I have posted about your wedding already but the shower party was delayed. Well, it is still always better late than never, right?

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congrats to your friend mye..

Happy Valentine's day!

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Happy Valentine's to you... ^_^

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wow, party.
congratz for the bride.

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