Top 10 EC Droppers for January 2009  

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I thought I'd wait for tomorrow before I post this but I think I have to do it now. I don't want to ever forget thanking the people who have made it to the Top 10 EC droppers last month.

  1. I Love/Hate America - hey bingkee, i thought i'd only see your link in my blog for awards but i was wrong...once again, you've made it to the top 10 and again you're my number 1 EC dropper! a very very serious dropper i should say and a good friend too! thanks for always being there. ^_^ (though it's only online)
  2. Mumsy - was also on my top 10 last month. her blog is about parenting and most of the time, the adventures of her son, jason whom she nicknamed hamster.
  3. Your Parenting Info - a blog of a father about parenting. the articles are good and i can really say i've learned a lot from his posts.
  4. Forced Green - i've known the blog from adgitize and now, he's been in my top 10 again. this blog is all about nature and i hope he'll continue to be dropping ECs as always.
  5. Redhead Ranting - i've also known the blog from adgitize and i have been reading her rants. she's got nice articles.
  6. Orient Lodge - also from adgitize, aldon has been writing about almost, technology and more.
  7. Raging Rev - dragon blogger first commented on my page rank rant post and i have been regularly dropping on his site too. his blog is a story of a christian turned atheist.
  8. Multi Schemes for Income - a site about making money online, time saving, saving money and all other things.
  9. Mara's Personal Bubble - a fellow pinay blogger. young and pretty and is very eager to find a good job soon. and serious about blogging too!
  10. Doing Business - this blog i discovered on Entrecard dealing with ways to do business online and earn.
Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and i hope you will come often. Feel free to leave your comments too!

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hi Mye,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question...I don't know how to do digi scrapping, therefore, I only do paper scrapping. I'm not sure that I do it properly...but I have fun doing it.
Hope you have a great day and I can't wait to see your creations.

hi robin - thanks for dropping by...doing paper scrap is even more exciting than a digi scrap. and even more expensive. but don't worry you have nice results...

Yey! I made it in your top 10. :)
Anyway, I'm so pre-occupied on landing myself a job before my birthday that's why I haven't been posting...again. I will be back soon!

Hi Mye, I read about the comment of digi-scrapping. I don't know anything about it but I love the real paper scrapbooking.
Anyway, I'm so glad I made it to your top.
I have a tag for you at my blog;

Check it out.

visiting you here today :-) thanks for stopping by !

Hello, Mye:-) kumusta na? how was your weekends?

I have a tag for you nga check my blog out at

have a nice day! and thanks.

hi girl, relax a bit. it will come and happy birthday!

i also like paper scrapbooking but it is costly. until a friend introduced me to digiscrapping which is cheaper and ^_^

thanks for the tag...will check it out.

thanks again for yet another tag. i will definitely check it tonight after work.

i don't have a EC widget on my blog, but i hope it's oke if i come here often. btw have you heard about the "" site? they have a CPD (cost per day) ads system. you can money $ every day just by showing ads from the advertisers.

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