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while writing this entry, i am not as disturbed as i usually was when i am blogging at thome. the reason? well, the kids are busy watching Disney's Little Einsteins.

they already had the Baby Einstein DVDs way back when they are still 3 months old. and it was just recently when we discovered that part of the DVD episodes are bonus materials and advertisements of the Little Einteins.

Little Einsteins is a creation from the Baby Einstein Company and Disney. It is an animated tv series on the Playhouse Disney. This is an educations pre-school series which was developed by Douglas Wood. It was designed to teach toddlers about demographic arts, music appreciation (yes, they used classical music here), and it has an integration to famous cultural artworks (they have paintings integrated and character integration). The best part of this series is it has viewer interaction. To fly Rocket (their rocketship), kids are encouraged to pat their legs to obtain more power. Sometimes, they are asked to sing, to a gesture and dance!

Mission completion!

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