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Part of wedding traditions is to choose the right music for the church and the reception. For the church, it is primarily because not all love songs are allowed to be played in some churches. That is why, a bride must consult with the church to check on what type of songs are allowed.

One of the most popular songs accepted by the churches are the songs from Josh Groban so if you are searching for some songs to be considered, you may check his songs. Here are some tips when selecting songs for the wedding ceremony.

  1. take note on all the songs you want to consider
  2. check with the church what songs are allowed and what are NOT. If the staffs are unsure if your choice can be considered, play SAFE. It is your wedding and you don't want to ruin it so select the pre-approved ones.
  3. check with your musicians repertoire if they are already available (if not, they'd still have to do some practice on it)

For the reception songs, they are supposed to be songs of celebration. Upbeat music must be in so check out the net and search for some upbeat songs you might want to use for the entourage introduction and your (the couple) introduction. Most recorded songs are played on the earlier part of the program while the rest are all played by the musicians (strings, etc.) Music plays a very vital part in your wedding so better choose the appropriate ones.

Hey, it's only a matter of days before Christmas. Would anyone consider having Christmas Songs in their wedding? Unique, huh!


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