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I have been tagged by Bingkee of I Love/Hate America last week. Thank you for the tag , Bingkee. This is the second time around but I haven't shared the A to Z tag. Will surely post about it, too. This one is quite fun. You will have to check on your 6th folder among your photo albums and select the 6th picture. Here's what I got.

Actually, this is not my picture but it was in there (interesting!). This is one of my husband's collection, a Gundam Freedom if I am not mistaken. There are actually a couple of them already and I can't quite figure out their differences. He started collecting these just early last year and now there are already 7 of them (I think). This is also the reason why he bought a DSLR - to take pictures of them after the weeks of putting all the pieces together. Yes, it is not ready-made. Each of the tiny pieces are to be detached and then cleaned and perfectly connected together. I even heard that other collectors do paint and join competitions in building these big boys toys. Do you find it cute?

Now, for the rules of the game:

1. Go to your Picture Folder or wherever you store your photos in your PC
2. Go to the 6th folder and pick the 6th picture
3. Post this on your blog and the story that goes with that picture
4. Tag 5 bloggers by leaving them a comment on their blogs and telling them about the tag

I am now tagging Aline, Umma, Cecile, Mara, Rose

Let's see what you have in your album =)

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thanks for tagging me mye, will post this as soon as I can...

thanks for the tag mye!:)
will re-post this after i finish some things.

Mye, thanks for this tag, already have this one on my other vlog, but will repost it on my new blog :-)

you're welcome..thanks for visiting

sure thing. post when you're free.

you're welcome. you sure are receiving a couple of tags already. sipag mo magvisit eh =)

This game sure is FUN. But I dont have a 6th folder in my picture folder. At least not yet :)

hi pinoyism - thanks for dropping by. you should start collecting pictures already. tagging is frequent to bloggers. i'll keep you in mind...so i can tag you some time =)

dumadami na utang ko..waahh! thanks for the tag.... nyt shift ako kaya di ko makaupdate ng blog komaciado.. di gumagana utak....hahah!

Be safe lagi!

hi aline - it's ok at least marami ng nakaabang for a post. hehehe di ka na magiisip syado... =)

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