The Butterfly Award  

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They just keep on coming!

I'd like to thank all of you who have been reading, leaving comments and sincerely appreciating my blog. I've been grateful for the recent awards I have received from you but wait, there is more! I was again tagged by Mara of Mara's Personal Bubble and was given the Butterfly Award!

Wow! Mine is a cool blog? Thanks for really appreciating all the entries I've made in this blog. I promise to have more interesting posts in the next couple of days. The rule is to share this award but for now, I will keep it for myself (selfish?). Naah, I just want it mine for sometime but I will definitely share this soon....

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hi do you have any images that you want in your header? What about the color of the blog what do you want? Please reply.

Wow, you're very popular ate mye! I hope I can get more awards too. The first one I received was from you, and the second one is from Mara.

hi..i want it for my wedding site have you checked the site. yes, i want a header as well. i would love to have earth colored-tones on the blog site.

thanks - you'll have more soon...just continue to make friends. =)


Congrats te.. You are really worthy for those awards! I'm sorry nga pala kung di ko napost yung award na binigay mo sa akin the last time.. My computer is really acting weird even up to now and the things that I can do is just limited.. But as soon as okay na PC ko, then I'll make sure marami na akong magagawa.. hehe.. BTW, I did a kiss for you.. :)

hi bhing - thanks. not a problem even if you don't post about it =)

Congrats Mye....the awards will keep coming. Anyway, I have a tag for you...a very fun tag ...come and find out what is it in my blog.

hi bingkee - thanks for dropping by. anyway i've noticed this a couple of times already. you might want to check your profile coz when i click your name from the comments it is not directing to your site the link is incorrect =)

im back :) click click ulit ..haha!

hi aline! welcome home...ano ba...even when you were out of the doing my part.. =)

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