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Some of you might be wondering why I am slugging these past few days. I can actually still write posts and click on my adgitize ads to earn points even when I am at home and sick but the thing is, my home internet was down since Wednesday and it will be available probably by Tuesday this coming week. Sheesh, I missed performing my daily blog tasks and I can't properly reply to the comments sent to me so please pardon the delay in my visit and my responses. I will be able to come back by next week.
For now, I am posting this from a computer shop so that everyone would know. Please don't forget about me. I have already complained to the customer service several times but I guess I have no choice but to wait for the 4-day processing of ticket than exhausting myself out yelling at the agent why I can't get my service on time.
Guess, getting the country's most competitive telco's service also means getting bad customer service in return? Customer service eh!
Other countries outsource their customer service jobs from us and yet, our very own service providers don't know how to give proper customer service to their customers. Ironic? I gave them the info that I needed the service for work and what did I get? No response....yes, they did not respond to my last statement saying that I am using the service to earn money. They just don't get it. I mean, I have known the customer service arena for quite a long time already. I've been to trainings and I am a customer service-oriented individual and I definitely understand my rights as a customer but it is really exhausting to repeat yourself over and over to them because it seems that they don't have any intention to listen and care about your issue. They can't even provide a work around to my concern. tsk tsk tsk. Too bad. If there would be any other provider in our area, I swear I will definitely switch.
What a disappointment!

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Mye, am here visiting yor blog :-)

done posting the tag!

Gee, that sounds like Direct TV internet cable. 2 weeks to get a service guy down here, because they don't have anyone in our area. The poor guy was 5 hours on way from us. It wasn't enough he had his own service area to take care of. My last question to the poor dude on the phone was: How long do I still have on my 15 month Contract with you? Good Luck

yeah, you bet. I was wondering what happened to you..anyway, I feel for you. I know how hard it is when there's no internet connection. It's as if my life is also cut off as well. lol

Hmm...let me guess, your ISP is Globe Telecom, right? Hehe

Soo that's why you've vanished ! I'm so missed your cleverer blog article. Keep in touch sist ! and good luck !

thanks for your regular visit.

hi there. thanks for dropping by. mine is a DSL connection =)

yeah. that's the reason why i've been out for a while
PLDT po =)

may i know who this is please? =) thanks for dropping by and appreciating my blog.


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