Cutest Baby in Britain  

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Isabella Lorusso.

This is the name of the daughter of my former client, Eds and Pierpaolo Lorusso. Their daughter has been entered in the Cutest Baby in Britain Competion. I checked the site and it is still down so I can't vote for Isabella.

Even so, I'd like to share a picture of the couple and when I got the chance - with their cute little baby.

eds and pierpaolo in july 2007

Eds, pardon me for using the pic. It's nice to reminisce the day of your wedding. We enjoyed every moment and every preparation we made.

Everyone, vote for Isabella and let's see her be the Cutest Baby in Britain. Just click here to vote! I can't wait to vote myself but as I am writing this entry, the site is still unavailable. Will keep on visiting until I cast my vote, so you too!

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haven't seen it yet cause the site is still down, will ask her mom...henry?? sykes?

what the... how did you know? haha

hahaha - magic? you're the only ryhen i know...

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