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While going home, I happened to pass by Robinson's Galleria and saw a lady (carrying an INFANT!) and a child beside her. They were trying to ask for money from a foreigner. He looks like he really really wanted to help the lady.

While I am getting away from the scene I was like - what the hell is going on with our country! We have millions of taxpayers and yet we are still as poor as that???

It is rather disappointing for me to think about it but I can't deny the fact that I am a citizen of this country, too! And I am paying my taxes!

Come to think of it, I happened to see different ladies with gestures like they were carrying a new-born baby asking for help from people walking on the streets. Are they really the mother of the poor child? God, it is soooo painful for me to see such sight for I am a mom too.

This may sound impossible, but still, I am praying that someday, someone good will definitely run the country and will bring it to its long awaited economic success. And I hope in the coming 2010 election, the ONE will already be revealed.


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It feels frustrating to live in our country right? Our government is full of corrupt officials, it just makes me mad... anyway, if you like my layout you should consider contacting my blog's designer, her link is on my blog... :) thanks for visiting my site and I hope you come visit often... :)

Hi Ane,

Thanks for visiting...will surely do visit your site often =)


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