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Have you been into football? A player, a coach or a fan?

I was checking the web for football items as Christmas gift since hubby got recently addicted watching this sport and I happened to see this new web-tv by Carlsberg. If you are a football fan, I think you are going to love it. Yeah, Carlsberg just recently launched their Web-TV channel about football and fan life. Here, tale a look at the site's preview:

See, they have five channels - for football itself and for the fans. The new site also contains uploaded video clips about football - the game matches, the halftime and more!

For dads and moms like us who are mostly concentrated on taking care of our family, we can also take a break and watch our favorite game. You'll love some of the football highlights show in this web-tv, plus, you can enter your comments as a fan, too! This site also gives more opportunities for fans to show off their football fan moments.

Hubby will probably like the site =)

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