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It is once again the season to be jolly because it's Christmas time. Time to share joy, laughter, happiness, reunions and gift giving! My, I've been wondering what to give the kids for Christmas. Will it be toys, clothes, or shoes?

Having a hard time thinking what to give your baby, babies, nephews, nieces, here are a few tips for all of you who have babies, tots on their Christmas list:

For babies, must haves are as follows: strollers, baby carriers, car seats, or a nice walker. Prices will vary though depending on the brand but it is up to you what to give. It is your gift anyway and the parents are most likely to be thankful for receiving such wonderful presents for their babies. When scouting for gift items, consider asking the different stores and go to the one with the best price. Stores vary their pricing to accommodate their customers and beat the competitors.

For toddlers, clothes and educational items are in demand. From 2 years old, kids starts to grow rapidly that you would normally notice their clothes are no longer fit to them. Christmas may be one of the best time to give the tots some nice new clothes! Educational items are also good to give for tots since they are already in the process of learning.

Since this is the season for gift buying, most malls get on sale to attract more customers. And moms, if you hate going to mall to shop, there is always the internet where you can shop online and have the items shipped to you. A bit expensive though but less stress =)

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"A bit expensive though but less stress =)" haha totally. so where do you recommend?

well, depending on your location - if you have malls near your area then go for it..but if the items you like are not available in your are - go ONLINE =) and use the power of the internet

Thanks, you give me a lot of idea fo my angel

hi mathilda,

i'll try to post more so readers like you could enjoy reading my entries...thanks for the visit and hope you'll visit often =)

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