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Starting a blog is easy. If you are just a regular blogger, you won't be too much pressured about the traffic, the readers, etc. But if you are one of us - yes, those who blog to earn - hurray!, then these matters should be treated seriously.

Out of all the things being considered by most paid blogging companies, your traffic and page rank are the most important. Of course! Wh
o would want to advertise to pages who doesn't have readers! And of course, this talks about how many people read your blogs, too. It won't be that easy but it isn't hard either. Here are the first 2 of the many social networking sites that a newbie blogger can join to help promote their page and yes, increase their traffic and eventually their page rank:

What I like about this site? It's free! You are free to submit your blogs, make friends, get widgets, tools and you can promote your blogs without spending a penny. You can connect with other bloggers, search blogs, and learn more about blogging. You can also participate in their forums and learn from other bloggers.

What I liked about this site? It's also free and you get to advertise your blogs at no cost. I gained more friends here. I gained more readers from this site. Just like Blog Catalog, they also have communities. Join some and they will definitely return the favor!

Why I posted these two first? In my opinion, it will be faster to get readers from these sites compared to other social sites I've visited. I may have not probably explore all of them but I will definitely post my discoveries from time to time so watch out!


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