maintaining cleanliness inside the house  

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cleaning the house is a tiring duty but maintaining it clean takes more discipline than just cleaning. it is actually not just about cleaning itself but imposing cleanliness within the family members.

things to do to maintain a clean house:

DUST - dust frequently. household areas and items left undusted for a couple of days will accumulate even more dusts and thus will require further cleaning than what you should just regularly do.

WIPE - wipe the windows, doors, tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture often. same with dusting dirt accumulates on these items if left for a couple of days and it will become hard to clean. cabinets are needed to be regularly cleaned as well.

STORE - if there are a lot of toys already, go grab a storage bins from your nearest department store. this also applies to kitchen utensils that are not frequently being used

ORGANIZE - organize things at home like stacking cabinets, storage bins, shelves. this way, it will be easier for you to identify where to get what.

doing these things on a regular basis will help you in maintaining your house clean, dust-free and nice to live in.

who would want to go home in a dump site-to-be-house?


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Hello :)
Nice blog and great ideas

Thanks for sharing..

I guess everybody knew how importance cleanliness not only inside the house but to the environment we live in..

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