Whatever Happened to My Page Rank?  

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Well, I really don't know. Just a couple of days after getting PR1, it suddenly became "N/A". I don't know how often google update the page rank but I am already getting worried if my site has been banned? I haven't had a paid post since December so I don't know of any reason why it would suddenly drop.

I thought it was just a fluke on the PR checker site so I checked on another and it was still a PR1 and then a few days after, it was again "nothing". Sigh

But anyway, I no longer want to stress myself out so I will just let it be. I have to do what I have to do and that is to write articles that will entertain my readers. So for now, just ignore the page rank and please do continue reading my posts.

To those who are following this blog, I wasn't able to thank you all individually so I am taking this entry as a way to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. Please do visit this blog often and feel free to leave your comments.

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It's not you nor your blog. It's the PR system. So don't worry. It will come back soon.

I've also found that the blogger platform is unreliable for PR reporting. I about died the day I had a blog with a PR8, only to discover it was "Google's" PR being reported.

PR is pretty over-rated. Just know that we read your blog, and love your fresh content.

Yeah, don't rely too much on PageRanks. You see, I got PR 2 because of SEO thing, but I don't have much "actual readers" (check out my Statistics and Counting post).

To me it doesn't matter what PR you have. Some PRs are cheat (like mine). I have high traffic and alexa ranking because of that. You can actually buy that. But I didn't. Boyfriend did something on my site.

Anyway, see you have lots of fans here. Keep it up! ^^

thank you as always. you inspired me to write good posts. ^_^

thanks for reading my entries and i think it helped a lot advertising to your site through entrecard ^_^ you've got a handful of readers yourself

just feels good that i have some friends here giving me such inspiring comments. thank you ^_^

Hi Mye,

I did some analysis.

Site URL http://blogappetite.blogspot.com/
Google PageRank 0
Alexa Rank 566,380
Google Backlinks 0 (View)
Yahoo! Backlinks 243 (View)
Altavista Backlins 290 (View)
Alltheweb Backlinks 281 (View)

Well, maybe the PR went klutz. I for one do not have a PR yet. But then again, my making money online guru's told me to focus on content first and get quality backlinks. The PR will just follow.

hi pinoyism - so smart of you to do that search, appreciate it. probably because i don't have google backlinks hahaha!

anyway, thanks for the input. for now, i will concentrate on my posts.

Don't worry wala naman daw kwenta yun sa PR rank e..hehehe!

hi aline - sa ranking wala but if you are a blogger who wants to earn from paid blogging companies, it is. bitter ba ko? hahaha..i want to earn too! but then again, i don't want to tire myself up on the PR. it's exhausting hahaha

maybe just a google sandbox effect. Just wait for a month, and your PR will show again

Your PR is still caught up in holiday mode? Hehehe. You've got a wonderful blog, and even marvelous friends and supporters, so I'd say your blessed. :)

Content is the KING so just focus on that te mye.. You have a wonderful blog! By the way, I just did the commitment =)

@IT Zone
thanks for your advice. maybe will try my luck next month

yeah, probably...hope you're doing good ^_^

thanks for the visit. and thanks for the exchange ^_^

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